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ZOHD RC Airplane

ZOHD Drift 877mm Wingspan FPV Glider AIO EPP RC Airplane PNP FPV Version

Last updated: 21 August 2023
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Model: PNP
Ship From: US [CN, US]
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Questions and Answers

What battery connector is on this XT60 or 30 ?

by Fontie, on 13 June 2020


by showgunnw, on 15 June 2020

When will the Drift XL be released? ZOHD/Sonicmodell, if you happen to read this, please consider a wider wingspan in the size of 1.5M - 2.0M . With all the existing features of transportability transferred to the bigger brother Dift XL will surely be a big winner in my humble opinion. Don't get me wrong, the Drift is ok for parkflyers but for serious hobbyist, we need something that can at least carry long range FPV gear and electronics. Please consider this idea for future release. Thank you.

by Rohan029, on 10 June 2020

That will be great.

by VanLee, on 06 July 2020
4 out of 5 stars
BG505343222 on 05 October 2021

Complete airplane set (PNP, ESC pre-installed) arrived from CN to CH in about 3 weeks time by registered air mail. All parts were as in the description, new, individually wrapped. Great initial quality. Unfortunately, the cardboard box was squished on one side during shipping, therefore both wings got their tips slightly bent and formed "winglets" pointing in different directions :-( see photos. But hope this is reversible (will pit under weight for some time) and should not affect the flying performance.

5 out of 5 stars
m4trix on 03 March 2021

Bought the pnp version and will swap the Zohd Kopilot and Cam from my dart250 in it. Can't wait to fly it. The parts come nice and securely packed as usual by Zohd, but the box wasn't shipped in a parcel, but only was secured with two lines of tape and became the parcel itself.

4 out of 5 stars
Sieger on 09 January 2021

The tail is crookedly glued to the beam!!! Judging by the reviews, y'all! That's gross! And no reviewer said so. Minus the star for it. Otherwise the aircraft is normal, but when the vtx is installed under the front cover, the center is very front. I had to runcan nano deliver the smallest battery I ever had. And shift the acc as much back as possible. I didn't want to put the vtx on the tail and pull the wires. There's really very little space for electronics. The motor delivered 1507 3600kv and prop 5045. Take the whale, the price for the GOP is not adequately high. P.S.1 Something when uploading photos, bang flipped them as soon as possible, it is not my idea, excuse)) P.S.2. I ordered from a warehouse in Russia. Delivery was lightning fast, it's not like Bang, usually you're tired of waiting for a package to arrive. With alik and that parcels come quicker.

5 out of 5 stars
mustangdude on 02 January 2021

I just received the ZOHD Drift FVP with a 2s 3500ma battery (Dec 2020). I'm new to flying fixed wing and have basic drone skills. I find this model to be great for beginners, mainly because stability mode is so easy. I've crashed it three times badly in the first 15 minutes of use but all have been my error. I taped the wings and tips but also would recommend taping the nose as mine has cracked through with the bad crashes. My large battery is not what I would recommend, it doesn't lay flat in the fuselarge so I couldn't velcro it in place, it sits loose and could be partly the blame for my nose damage. It's capacity lasts for ever but a smaller battery like a 2s 1300 would be fine and make it easier to fly possibly with less weight. I find the factory CG positions to be correct but the large battery has to be back as far as it can go. Auto launch is great as everybody else states. Banggood delivery to Australia is satisfactory during these covid times and around Christmas too. Check my maiden flights on youtube chanel, ZOHD Drift. See in my pics, the tail horizontal is not perfectly aligned with the wings, this is common and didn't affect my beginner flying or the planes attitude in the air, it may not be acceptable to the advanced flyers though and can be fixed apparently.

5 out of 5 stars
OzFPVflyer on 18 September 2020

Great little plane and easy to setup and fly. If you buy one you wont be disappointed. Super long flights with a 2S 18650 li-ion pack. Can handle mild windy days and even good for long range. A great model from ZOHD. I made some fake eyes (see photos) to put on the wings and this stops eagles and hawks from attacking the Drift. Setup with Crossfire and AKK 1200Mw Vtx. Using ZOHD Kopilot with GPS and flys nice.

5 out of 5 stars
limpan0239 on 13 August 2020

at first hand it seams good. but after monting it together the workersn have made the tail section wrong with alignment . look at photos . and the servo connectors in the wing is at not the right height either. needed to push them down to be able to connect with fuselage

4 out of 5 stars
JtheMan on 23 July 2020

Nice little model. Box and contents arrived in good condition. When assembled an issue with the tail became apparent. Either the tail boom mount fittings or the fin has been glued in the wrong position, the fin is not vertical and the horizontal stabilser is tilted. As all modellers know this will cause the model to fly poorly. There is no adjustment as all the parts are glued. It requires a new tail boom. No other reviewers mention this issue and it is not like Zohd to miss this as part of their QC. Maybe a one off problem but still requires fixing before flight.

5 out of 5 stars
Tony hadi putra on 23 July 2020

nice plane, lets fly it

5 out of 5 stars
simole88 on 04 July 2020

Fantastic glider. I fell in love with it right away and got it pre-ordered. It took a while to get there. I chose the full version with ZOHD cam included in the package because by doing the math it was the most advantageous one. It is a very stable glider/sailplane ideal for low speeds (not above 50km/h). Battery with XT30 connector (see photo) to be taken separately. Receiver not included, to be installed separately. Very pleased with the purchase, it was love at first sight. Arrived with very dented packaging, but the product did not suffer any damage.

5 out of 5 stars
RagTheNutsOff on 13 June 2020

This is an ultralight, well made little model. Just been out and flown it and.... it rocks. Definitely not a good choice as first time model, you'll want to laminate or at least put packing tape on the wing tips as they are very flimsy and tape or lam on the leading edges to keep them nice. The drift will "fly for days" om a 2S battery. Cannot wait to set it up with FPV & iNav. Also set the elevator servo on the middle control horn hole with 50% or more expo in the Tx, plus the CG is incorrect, go for ~3mm in front of the mark to be safe as its no fun when tail heavy. Matt PS. Fits into a back pack easily & defo not one for ragging its nuts off ;)