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BlitzWolf Wireless Headphones & Earphones

BlitzWolf® BW-BTS8 bluetooth Earbuds Bone Conduction Earphone Built-in 32GB Memory IPX8 Waterproof Low Latency Game Sport Headphones with Mic

Last updated: 25 March 2024
4,79 308 reviews
🛒 26,79$ from Banggood 🛒
Color: Black
Ship From: CN
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Questions and Answers

Has anybody tried using these inside a motorcycle helmet jQuery111304507177473182311_1702835195090<br/>Can you still hear the music ??

by Steve, on 17 December 2023

They don't find inside the helmet.

by aggalitsas, on 10 January 2024

Is it original?

by thamesvieira, on 02 September 2023

where is $27.99 Promo code?

by Julie, on 29 August 2023

You can find $27.99 Banggood promo code at Promotion Page:

by Prime, on 29 August 2023

Will they continue to work after a year?? The previous blitzwolf stopped working.

by MANTHOS MARGONIS, on 29 August 2023

This is working

by bendedir, on 21 October 2023

Hi !Can it also be used for swimming?

by Gábor Tajti, on 24 August 2023

Says who?

by aggalitsas, on 09 September 2023

Has anyone tried them for swimming pool practice or swimming in the sea?

by aggalitsas, on 24 August 2023

Mine started corroding after 4 occasions in swimming pool.

by Sinistrale, on 23 November 2023

The value of the freight to Brazil is. $12 or $252?

by BG493217411, on 08 August 2023

R$12 Reais

by danilobike2019, on 09 August 2023
5 out of 5 stars
BG857001512 on 28 March 2024

Excellent quality product.

5 out of 5 stars
danilobike2019 on 26 March 2024

I've been using it for about 3 months and I have nothing to complain about, very good headphones, I use them for cycling practice, I did an 8-hour ride and they lasted for about 7 hours playing at 60 to 70% volume, I tested them in the pool and so far they're still working 👏 Yes, I highly recommend these bone conduction headphones!

5 out of 5 stars
BG431343543 on 21 December 2023

Delivered on time and in good condition. The sound is very good and it was easily synch. I haven't checked the microphone yet

5 out of 5 stars
Asmithorion on 12 December 2023

Arrived fast, and unharmed. I have not try it yet.

5 out of 5 stars
BG441953376 on 12 November 2023

Very good

5 out of 5 stars
lewenter on 26 October 2023


5 out of 5 stars
BG524561116 on 24 October 2023

I've been using it for about a month now. I've run in the rain and put it under the shower to test if it was waterproof and it's still working perfectly. For those looking for perfect sound, this is not the ideal earbud. But for those who want a comfortable headset for running, that does not get out of place and, more importantly, does not isolate you from the ambient sound, it is an excellent choice! When I use it inside the house, I can set the volume lower and the feeling is that the music is coming from inside my head so inconspicuous that it is its use.

5 out of 5 stars
BG171541133 on 17 October 2023

The earpiece seems to be very well built. I only used bluetooth because I could not play the songs in MP3 that I downloaded on the device. I believe I will need help from the seller for that.

5 out of 5 stars
gas83 on 16 October 2023

Excellent quality. Value for money for 24 euros. Fast shipping. The only problem i found so far is that if you connect via USB the headphones to the computer it recognizes it as an audio device (due to internal memory) and it doesn't charge.

5 out of 5 stars
BG360333210 on 12 October 2023

Pleasant surprise, I love it, very superb product, perfect sound quality for all the options. Anyone with ears won't like it.

5 out of 5 stars
jefferson on 05 October 2023

very good, had never used this type of technology.

5 out of 5 stars
NikolaosMaridakis on 27 September 2023

Very nice, I hope they're comfortable on the run.