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LAOTIE Electric Scooters

LAOTIE® ES19 Steering Damper 60V 38.4Ah Battery 6000W Dual Motor Electric Scooter 135Km Mileage 10x4.5inch Wide Wheel Electric Scooter

Last updated: 19 May 2023
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Questions and Answers

Can you tell me the estimate on 13” tires available for purchase? (example 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months) thank you, there will be business for the larger tires.

by BG188254312, on 12 June 2021

Hello, dear customers, we will launch 13inch tires in July or August. .

by The seller, on 15 June 2021

Hi. Because i am thinking of purchasing this beauty, i have a few questions. 1. What is the expected practical range for a person of 110kg in mixed contitions; I dont need more than 40-50km/h. Can i reach lets say 60 km easily without having to worry about a few hills; 2. for a relative constant speed travel whats the most economic drive mode;(i read thats its best to use two motors to reduce stress in the rear). 3. what is the average mileage that batteriew are expected to last and whats the cost to change them if needed; 4. Can i set the scooter not to exceed a wanted speed regardless of other settings; is there a cruise control; sorry for the storm of questions. i would be very happy if you answer them all.

by giagtzoglou123, on 23 February 2021

Hello, dear customer: ①The ES19 can reach a range of 60 kilometers when riding 110 kilograms. ②The most economical riding mode is 1 gear, single motor operation. It can walk the longest way. ③The battery life is about 500 times of repeated charging. Therefore, it is recommended not to charge it frequently, you need to wait until its power is almost used up before charging, this is the best. In addition, the cost of battery replacement is estimated to be between 200-500 US dollars (depending on how much the shipping cost is). ④LAOTIE ES19 has a cruise mode, and the yellow button is the cruise mode.

by The seller, on 07 March 2021
5 out of 5 stars
BG342516505 on 03 December 2021

Ordered on 9/11 Arrival on 15/11/2021. 1 week to arrive perfect. Frenchly well packaged no notice! The scooter just beautiful! Consider aiming all screws and bolts before starting. That scooter is a beast. This scooter is so powerful, it sometimes surprises you. Be vigilant! Thank you Banggood

5 out of 5 stars
BG224815163 on 19 November 2021

Good morning I am super happy I received my Lao es19 in less than a week from Poland, at the top thanks Banggood 👌 The scooter is like my Lao is 18 but with much improvement 👌

5 out of 5 stars
BG555646825 on 05 November 2021

I ordered to Hungary on Monday. He arrived from Poland on Thursday morning. This is amazing. It's really brutally strong. Start only in a smaller gear because you can easily grab your nose or jump out from under you. Check all screws before starting for the first time! Excellent value for money. I recommend!

5 out of 5 stars
Eric97435 on 03 November 2021

Hello, everyone. Order received in Toulon South of France, and I'm happy! Order placed on 05 September 2021, received on 02 November 2021. The follow - up was perfect. Let"s talk about 😎 technology: IMBATTABLE Quality/Price ratio. As indicated in the data sheet, speed above 100Km/H. Comes with 2 charger for fast charging. I'm 5'5", 85 pounds and I have to hold on tight! Crazy acceleration. A 50kg MONSTRE. Thank you Laotie. Thank you Banggood 🙏🏽

5 out of 5 stars
BG131424510 on 23 August 2021

Wonderful scooter that allows you to discover places like no other machine can do... These are mine findings after 500km: Delivery: - 2 months for CN to Slovakia - broken turn signal, but banggood sent me the replacement immediately (perfect!!!, thanks!!!) Construction: - kickstand is hitting the body when riding, I needed to stick some protection not to damaging the metal body. - be ready for very heavy scooter but with extreme power (I usually use the eco mode to limit it) - wide tires are awesome, very stable, but I'm worrying about the future when this is not the standard... - it requires basic mechanical skills to repair the flat tire. Pros: - enormously powerful, turbo + dual is more suitable for racing than terrain riding - exceptionally long range - we are riding on gravel and dirt roads mixed with paved. 4 hours riding time means 60 km for us and I didn't spend more than half of the battery. - wide tires give huge amount of stability and performance Cons: - too much power for rough terrain, unable to gently work with the throttle - too heavy, I'm not able to load it to the trunk on my own or take it upstairs - non-standard wide tires make me headache. Few weeks brake in riding because only banggood provides spare inner and outer tire. Unable to find it anywhere nearby. And no off-road tires in listings is also today a big problem for me. Summary: - wonderful scooter, extremely long range and very high top speed you will probably just test but never use in real scenarios - be sure you will not carry it frequently - so much fun for me, especially if you are riding with someone. I've completely replaced bike for this monster and every ride is THE experience especially here in the forests, fields, trails and outdoors of Slovakia. It's like designed for this country ;-) . Note: you can see the difference between es19 and es18 on some photos.

5 out of 5 stars
kamay80 on 31 May 2021

Very good scooter. Lots of power and so far all right.

5 out of 5 stars
BG201445222 on 10 April 2021

A parade machine gun

5 out of 5 stars
Hati82 on 10 March 2021

I ordered on 15.01.2021 and received it on 10.03.2021 (to Austria). The package was in excellent condition and also the scooter had no damage whatsoever. The battery was at 61V. So everything fine. The scooter itself is an absolute beast!! It is a real joy to ride it ... the suspension is very good and the steering damper really helps to keep track... overall a 100% worth it investment for me! As with every machine you get, check every bolt before your first ride!!

5 out of 5 stars
flabde on 09 March 2021

Very good stable electric scotor very well finished damage that it lacks the alarm bearing described in the description no instructions for use either, the deriction dampers does its job, order the 08/01/2021 received the 05/03/2021, already done 10 km with it is a rocket climbed to more than 55kph in mode 2 I do 125kg not yet had the courage to put mode 3. sealing silicone well in place and apply very well. I'll post some pictures later .

5 out of 5 stars
BGRubenFerreira on 08 March 2021

everything's ok with the package, although, the scooter have no alarm.