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Guudgo Wifi IP Cameras

GUUDGO 10LED 5X Zoom HD 2MP IP Security Camera WiFi Wireless 1080P Outdoor PTZ Waterproof Night Vision ONVIF

Last updated: 24 May 2023
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Plug: EU Plug
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Questions and Answers

i bought two but second one There is problem with light .. there is no lamp icon in app to swicth on/off camera lamp.. firmware is updated.. what is wrong?

by Arif Arifoğlu, on 16 January 2020

There are 3 types of the same camera. 2 with 4 white led lights and 1 with 10 IR lights! You got one with the 4 white led lights and 1 with the 10 IR lights. This is really frustrating because banggood does not care to send you the correct advertised model!

by Geekay, on 09 February 2020

Does the camera have a memory card slot?

by vitordeoliveirascj, on 20 September 2019

can it be hard wired to a hard drive system

by BG481154201, on 03 June 2020
5 out of 5 stars
kezirgo on 11 February 2022

I'm just saying, it's worth the money and even exceeds it, just be careful when inserting the sd memory so that it doesn't slip into the case. It is very quiet and turns quickly, it could be smaller and have only one antenna (one is active, the other is blind) or without, the length of the antenna would be enough for installation in the upper part of the housing, easy registration and setup ...

5 out of 5 stars
dhmkal on 11 January 2021

The product arrived to my address on time! no delays and neither problems at all! I can not say much at this moment cause I just open it and test it to confirm that works properly! I didn't have high expectations for this camera and I was right . The build of the body looks and feels that has been made from cheap plastics either the power box is made from plastic instead of another material (usually metallic frame) I tried and worked for me the V380 app, some other guys tried the v380s app but I was struggling to go through! One last thing that I noticed was the slow connection with my router , that might be because of my poor internet and the amount of devices who share this connection at the same time and not cameras/apps problem.. I will be back when I spent more time and do more tests to this camera.

5 out of 5 stars
Onur Akpak on 30 December 2020

I bought it with customs and insurance for 360 TL, the box was slightly deformed, but it came out okay.I received the product in 10 days.Full price performance product even though I didn't do much research.Returns 360 degrees It lights up the direction it's looking at with its own flashlight, it makes an alarm sound, it transmits a camera sound when you speak. You're listening to audio from the camera again. It can scan the area. It's like it's a half-second delay to the controls. As soon as I can order another one.

4 out of 5 stars
tzoumaz on 14 April 2020

Very good CAM for the price. You can use v380pro or better v380s app for view. First update the firmware and then activate ONVIF. HOW TO? Look down! To acivate ONVIF. Update the newest firmware for the CAM with V380. Create a new file ceshi.ini with your Editor with follow value: [CONST_PARAM] rtsp = 1 ; RTSP on Disconnect the CAM, remove SD-Card, copy ceshi.ini to Root-Directory of the CARD, move Card into CAM and Connect CAM, wait for VOICE ca. 60 sec. Disconnect the DAM, remove SD-Card, delete ceshi.ini from Card, move Card into CAM, Connect and wait for VOICE. Congrationlations! Load a app since Tiny Cam pro from Google, Enter: IP-adress of the CAM, ONVIF-Port and RTSP-Port 8899, userid: admin, your password and you will view from CAM.

5 out of 5 stars
George1959 on 03 March 2020

Το προϊόν έχει δοκιμαστεί και λειτουργεί καλά. Έφτασε γρήγορα.

5 out of 5 stars
IzakG on 19 January 2020

The QR code for the App takes you to a Website not to the Android Play Store and after installing the Website App it is flagged as 'CONTAINS MALWARE' by McAfee. I searched for it in the Play Store (V380 Pro) and reinstalled, now it's fine. The V380s App also works well. Humanoid detection is not supported in either App though. Good quality day and night pictures, but only infrared LED's for night vision, no white light or color night vision. The body structure seems a bit plasticky not very strong and solid.

5 out of 5 stars
kriftoft on 04 October 2019

Awesome camera. It moves very fast. It is better to install the application yourself, because the company QR code is misleading, whereas on a PC I cannot change the language. Why do I see only Chinese subtitles? I have changed to English and nothing has changed.

5 out of 5 stars
Cuce on 01 September 2019

Minden rendben, pontos szállítás.

5 out of 5 stars
peterjean on 23 August 2019

help me j'ai reçu la caméra, mais la dit que le colis est détruit.

5 out of 5 stars
doctorsandu on 23 August 2019

Very good for this price, easy to install and to operate. Recommended!