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Excellway 10000Wmax 50Hz 12/24/48V To 220V Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverters Digital Display Power Suppliers Inverters

Last updated: 18 March 2024
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Power: 1600W
Voltage: 12V
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Questions and Answers

this inverter 3500W can works for 1700W air fryer?

by BG443750321, on 09 August 2022

Yes can. But only same time air fryer.

by Amarasena, on 09 August 2022

This Item have 55Hz

by Lukasz, on 28 April 2022

Only 50Hz/60Hz

by The seller, on 03 May 2022
5 out of 5 stars
attistandard on 03 February 2023

I received it very quickly in 10 days. It easily supplies a refrigerator with a freezer. Its quiescent current consumption is 0.4A 24V. Thank you for the fast delivery!

5 out of 5 stars
BG538423545 on 26 August 2022

product very good quality recommend. Thanks for the mehmet official discount coupon.

5 out of 5 stars
Mehmetoffical on 20 July 2022

details YouTube my network Mehmet offical review test discount coupon gift

5 out of 5 stars
BG310713241 on 13 July 2022

Product is good but not English-use guide setup.

5 out of 5 stars
xgsr600x on 06 July 2022

Arrived in Turkey in 10 days shipped very fast... I haven't tried the product yet

5 out of 5 stars
BG114552917 on 28 June 2022

Very good came the way I wanted and the drop off is fast enjoyed a lot.

5 out of 5 stars
Amarasena on 25 June 2022

woooooooooow 🤩 awesome 👏 very very good and fast delivery 📦. and nice package. super power inverter. thank you very much Banggood.

5 out of 5 stars
BG181422932 on 10 June 2022

i think the solar power inverter is not bad the only one thing that i dont like from the power inverter is that the fan of the solar power inverter is smart fan when the inside of the power inverter gets hot the fan will begin to start to cool down the inside of the power inverter and for me it is too late for the fan to cool down the inside of the power inverter i seen solar power inverter with smart fan stop working after 6 months most part of the power inverter is damage cause of the heat when i purchased my first power inverter i changed the wire connection of the fan 2014-2022 my power inverter is still working

5 out of 5 stars
BG185636162 on 04 June 2022

I want the product back Not suitable My 60 hertz The Inverter 50 Hertz Change the product better I only want 60 hertz I want 10,000 watts, 60 hertz, 24 volts. That's what I want How is the order returned?

4 out of 5 stars
xman12 on 25 May 2022

I test this inverter with only 2050W because my strong batteries are still on the way. To make it short, I think that this Inverter can deliver not more than 8000W AC. The reason is that I found the same Inverter from another source and they offer only 8KW and 12KW Inverters! Also Inside there are 4 x 50Amp DC Fuses. Given you have an 53V Battery and the maximum of 200Amp you get 10,6Kw DC Power, if you then add the efficiency lets say 86% you get only 9,116KW AC Power. If you than have the case that the Battery Voltage drop to 40V (2,5V per cell 16SLiFePo4) you get the maximum of 8Kw DC and 6,9Kw AC This is OK for this price but you should think about it if you consider to use the full advertised 10Kw, It is only the DC Power not the useable AC Power. So it look like that the Seller was relabeling the Inverter from 8Kw AC to 10Kw DC. This is no big problem for me because I only need 5KW at max, so I bought the "10KW" Inverter to get enough permanent poweroutput. I take an look inside but do not examine all the Power Mosfet. It looks like that the DC Side uses 2x of eleven Kia KNP9120A Mos. And some of murata diodes for the 400V side. At the AC Side you can not see anything without remove the holders from the Mosfet or IGBT. I changed the Cu bar connection to the DC clamps with extra washers, because they pulled the PCB Upside. You can see it on the pictures.