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XIAOMI Electric Screwdriver

XIAOMI Mijia 350mAh 200rpm Type-C Rechargeable 2 Gears Electric Screwdriver Repair Tool W/ Magnetic Storage Case & 24pcs S2 Steel Bits

Last updated: 15 June 2024
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Questions and Answers

Will Wowstick bits work on the Mijia?

by Elizabeth, on 13 July 2021

Yes…have both and checked

by BG917173615, on 14 July 2021

What's better: Wowstick or Mijia?

by BG392203651, on 08 November 2020

Theyare very similar. Similar battery life, strength, cost. But here are some differences to consider. Wowstick: Has an LED which is really nice if you work in a dark or dim environment. The tubes with bits are annoying, since you have to dump them all out to get to the bottom. If you are OCD about being organized like me, this costs a lot of time. Mijia: Has a metal enclosure that holds everything. The case is magnetic, so the bits just snap into place.

by jrbarhydt, on 08 November 2020
5 out of 5 stars
compomaster on 26 November 2021

Nice set. The body of the screwdriver itself is slippery, that it is not convenient. It's good that at least there's notches on the hull down there. It's okay, it's not slippery. Convenient box. The magnets hold the bits well. And the bits are quality.

5 out of 5 stars
Bill_Yesterday on 31 October 2021

Very nice electric screwdriver. I have used it a couple of times and it works flawlessly. Recommended!! The seller is very fast and serious too!! Thanks a lot!!

5 out of 5 stars
Berkay Contay on 17 April 2021

I bought it for my RC car, but the ends are pretty small, so it worked for me to rip it off on the phone. From the raspberry pi 4 screws to the RC engine fixing screws it tightened and turned it on it has 2 stages as precise and harder and there is a closed mode that feels light and powerful very good quality to the manufacturer thank the seller and the senders for the money a well-deserved product has all three and sizes from two sides to 6 sides 26lira 55 penny customs fee charged came with PTT

5 out of 5 stars
simole88 on 14 March 2021

Only after using it do you realize how much it was worth... It's my third screwdriver I buy from the Xiaomi wiha series.The first was the classic one, then the wowstick first battery series and finally the brand new whia with double speed and charging with type-C socket. The products are of the highest quality, their durability and durability is fantastic. This model with double speed and USB C charging type is the Top and allows you to apply more torque and speed where needed so that you finish the work first without having to loosen the stronger screws by hand. At the same time with speed 1 we will avoid reassembling the screws in the most delicate devices without breaking anything. If it is your first screwdriver, however, I recommend the manual model, more compact and with inserts better assorted than the "electric" versions. In fact I often use the electric screwdriver and go to get the tips from the manual one. Have a good hobby, everyone...

5 out of 5 stars
lukastoth7 on 22 February 2021

Great product for a great price. Very fast delivery. working as described and bits are quite small. quality is very fair.

5 out of 5 stars
Moogi on 12 January 2021

This electric precision screwdriver is probably one of my best purchases of the year. Very high quality, tough, good quality bit heads, ergonomic and easy to use. The metal case is also very nifty and high quality. The instruction manual came in Chinese only, but using this screwdriver is pretty straight forward anyways.

5 out of 5 stars
Sorin on 19 October 2020

Excellent tool, quality as always at height. I have been using the previous version of the screwdriver for a year now, without complaints. Bits are quality, everything's normal. I recommend ♡

5 out of 5 stars
boroda on 12 October 2020

Screwdriver - SUPER!!! THANK YOU "BG"!!! РЕКОМЕНДУЮ!!!!

4 out of 5 stars
MrMeatbeard on 19 September 2020

There's a lot to love about this screwdriver. I already have a wowstick and it's become my favourite tool. This new screwdriver improves on it in almost every way, but on the other hand it has one big downside which has soured my opinion of it somewhat. USB C charging is a big plus. The case is beautiful, metal, solid and has a really nice spring-loaded latching mechanism. The bits all magnetically attach to the tray, so they're easy to remove and replace. The driver has more torque than the wowstick which was the biggest let-down of the wowstick. I do miss the LED lights from the wowstick but it's not a big deal. The biggest problem, however, is that the hex shank for the bits is ever-so-slightly smaller than the wowstick, meaning I can't use the wowstick bits in this new driver. Older bits from a manual set seem to fit fine though so maybe this is actually a problem with the wowstick bits being too big. The selection of bits you get is average. The largest Hex bit is a 2.0, whereas the wowstick came with up to a 3.0. Something to be aware of.

5 out of 5 stars
Dickie on 05 September 2020

Good quality electric screwdriver. Very comfortable to hold and operate. The case is excellent, a quick push at one end and it springs open revealing the driver and the bits, which are all held in place securely with magnetism. There's also little diagrams above the bits to let you know at a glance which bit you are choosing and where it should be stored. Bit's are of good quality. Excellent for small electronic repairs. The deep hole bits are a godsend too. There is a discernable difference between the two gear settings, the lower one is ideal when dealing with more fragile devices such as mobile phone disassembly and repair. The charging light is very noticeable (unlike my wow stick screwdriver which is minute and hard to see) and the USB C charging circuit means you can easily plug the cable in any way round (again, unlike my wowstick that uses micro USB that can be a pain to tell the right way up). I love using it at the moment. The only thing I can think that would improve it was if it had an Led in the tip to light the working area (like wowstick 😁). I heartily recommend this device to anyone who regularly disassembles and repairs devices or for the hobbiest who races/flys R/C vehicles. It's excellent. Ps. Should point out that the instructions are entirely in Chinese, but it's pretty straight forward to operate. It can't be overcharged (auto cuts off when at full capacity) and has a simple forward/reverse button. It can be used manually in any gear to tweak up the torque by just twisting it like any normal screwdriver.