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Volantexrc RC Airplane

Volantexrc PhoenixS 742-7 4 Channel 1600mm Wingspan EPO RC Airplane with Streamline ABS Plastic Fuselage KIT/PNP

Last updated: 23 February 2024
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Model: KIT
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Questions and Answers

anyone used a 3s or 4s battery on this plane? maybe with a 8 or 7 inch prop? I think it will be fine on 3s spinning a 8x6 prop, but I was hoping someone tried it

by daniel83, on 13 March 2021

moi,je l'ai équipé en 4S,avec un Esc de 40 Amp,le moteur de l'AS 28 et son hélice,j'ai juste renforcer le nez avec une platine en contreplaqué Collée à l'intérieur ,il volé très bien et très vite

by BG252219245, on 02 July 2022

My motor fried on first flight using a 3S 2200Mah battery... the plastic melted all around it. What motor should I use instead?

by Dysprosium, on 03 June 2020

You can use a variety of motors as long as you monitor the temperatures on the first few flights. Mine has quite a big motor, and it flies a long time so you'd expect it to get hot, but it doesn't. Its not used hard, so the motor is under-stressed, so doesn't heat up. If you mount your motor directly to the plastic and fly at full throttle you might have problems with the motor over-heating. As there are so many variables, my suggestion is to fly gently for a few minutes at first, and then check the temperature. Then build up speed and flight time to be sure the power setting and duration when the over-heating starts. (the battery capacity has little bearing, 3cells from 1500 to 4000mah work just fine) If you need to cool things down, add a plywood spacer between the motor and plastic nose to insulate the plastic from the motor. My biggest motor has a 5mm spacer. But, this is not a hot plane, I have three with different motors and I've not needed to add any forced ventilation. On other similar models I've had to cut cooling holes, and added scoops to force in the air, but not on this one. The next thing to look at is your flying style. A lot of pilots from the gas-glow side who habitually fly with full throttle do the same with electrics. Its not necessary because with electric you can go from zero to full power in an instant, and gliders like this are light, so react quickly. Play that throttle stick, and let the plane glide through loops and rolls with very l

by bmpowell, on 10 July 2020
5 out of 5 stars
gery on 11 October 2022

Product very well packaged, compliant with the description and received quickly, remains to mount the electronics .... 2S lipo battery and brushless ortrunner motor (fixation with screw on the front of the motor) but no travel is indicated in the manual... We'll have to improvise... I think I'm gonna stick armed tape on the front, bottom and leading edges...

5 out of 5 stars
BG235647556 on 08 October 2022

Awesome plane! Stable, both in straight flight and maneuvering. Great in loops. Too bad tuna are almost impossible to make. But then again, it's a glider. Excellent lift. For the takeoff, it's enough to give the engine half. I recommend it.

5 out of 5 stars
BG204848839 on 03 June 2021

It lacked the connections of the ailerons and on the underside of the wings the wooden inserts stood out up to 2mm and had to be sanded. With the 2s-Lipo drive I have become friends quickly and I will keep this concept. The PhoenixS is a handy, sturdy and beautiful model, with which I will have a lot of fun.

4 out of 5 stars
jesusvaldi on 15 May 2021

Good product and quality according to the expected price. The product purchased was PNP with all electronics assembled, except hardware and control rods, and glue group. Pay attention to how difficult it can be to screw the horizontal stabilizer. In the pictures you can see that you need a long screwdriver to be able to screw the screws properly. It is also somewhat complicated (at least in my model) in the assembly of the wings. The anchoring system is by means of a kind of teton that is anchored between the wing and the fuselage; and it is somewhat fair, requiring too much force to insert the wings. You also have to pay attention to the required battery voltage, for the PNP configuration it brings. You need a 2S battery (7.4 volts) and not a 3S battery (11.1v) as most of us are used to.

5 out of 5 stars
Peter on 25 April 2021

Good 4 channel motor glider for begginer or intermidiate pilots. Fuselage from plastic and wings from EPO.

5 out of 5 stars
Peter on 25 October 2020

Very good motor glider from volantex. It came undamaged even if it was just in original box, not in double box. If you use original motor, than use 2S battery. If you want to use 3S battery than replace the motor with 2830, 2836, 3536, 4023 or similar.

5 out of 5 stars
Peter on 16 August 2020

High quality motor glider for begginers or experience flyers. Good motor for this glider is volantex 4023 850kv or 1050kv and 12x6 propeller and 30A or 40A ESC on 3S 2200mAh battery.

5 out of 5 stars
BG413717453 on 03 December 2019

have a look at the state of the parcel. looks like it's come from hell. Bent wing. Don't think I will be displaying the box. I had to use my Ranger wing to fly it. Bloody disappointed

5 out of 5 stars
Laurie on 08 November 2019

Very nice plane. I bought the PNP version, and have fitted a FrSky receiver. Assembly is very quick and simple. The wings are held on by clips that enable them to be removed easily for transport and refitted at the field. I haven't flown it yet, waiting for some better weather. I will use a 1300mAh 3S battery. The battery compartment is very spacious and comes fitted with velcro straps for the battery and a stick on velcro pad which could be used for the receiver. It's easy to alter the battery position to get the CG right. With the receiver and battery fitted, ready to fly, mine weighs in at 895g. I have done a more detailed review at rcgroups, which you will find if you google "rcgroups volantex phoenixs".

5 out of 5 stars
Oscarzjl on 02 October 2019

Very happy with this kit, small issue with the motor, you have to use a out runner motor with mounting screws in front of the motor to be correctly installed. but I fix mine with the motor mounted outside.