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VEIKO TS Imperial 12 to 30 Inch Aluminum Alloy Precision Woodworking Scriber Positioning Marking T Ruler 1/16 Inch Per Hole

Last updated: 09 May 2023
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Size1: 12 Inch
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Questions and Answers

This item was sent with a long point ball point pen refill. can you tell us if you sell them separately?

by BG917038344, on 06 September 2022


by BG181756163, on 18 November 2022

The description says the hole spacing is 1/32in but the picture makes it look like they are 1/16in. Can someone confirm the actual hole spacing?

by BG212533817, on 11 November 2021

1/16 inch

by Nexet7, on 21 November 2021
5 out of 5 stars
Fayz73 on 05 May 2023

Order date: 26-Mar-2023. Delivery date: 07-Apr-2023. Delivery time = 11 days to Texas, USA. The shipping was extremely fast. The original date provided was 08-May-2023, but the delivery was completed much earlier. Packaging is in superior wrapping. Delivery was without any damage. The product dimensions and color matches product description and product photos. This is the first ENJOYWOOD product I have bought. I wanted to complete my ruler set and the 24 inch size is only available by Enjoywood. This is a high quality woodworking tool that is able to compete with the more expensive known USA brands. This is a extremely well built ruler. It is well constructed, It is true and accurate out of the box. The aluminum anodization is high quality. The holes are sufficient for 5mm pencil. The scale for this model is in inches which is prevalent in USA. This is the 24 inch model.. The measurements are up to 1/16th increments which is sufficient for most woodworking projects. The product quality is superior. I highly recommend the product.

5 out of 5 stars
BG351011153 on 13 October 2022

Excellent Product! This is a very well made and precise rule. The scale is dead accurate and matches perfectly with my Woodpeckers rule. perfectly accurate 90 degree right out of the box.

5 out of 5 stars
BG512115114 on 12 October 2022

Finally received these units. Excellent craftsmanship, well balanced, would certainly refer to anyone interested. Using my 90⁰ engineered angle, DIN875/1, perfect angle. Bought in standard 12"+24" and metric 300mm+600mm...

5 out of 5 stars
BG512115114 on 12 October 2022

Finally received my items. Packaging, somewhat flimsy. could use an top layer of foam. No scratches, very accurate. Using my 90⁰angle DIN875/1 These are the 24" and 600mm.

5 out of 5 stars
BG243617351 on 22 September 2022

Arrived on the "sooner" end of the time frame provided. Checked against my machinist square and it seems to be as perfectly square as I could hope for. the measurements all appear to be accurate when compared against my other tools. there were three very minor imperfections, scuffs in the anodizing, only one would likely be noticed in the use of this product since it's on the edge as opposed to the flat. Overall I am satisfied with the product though disappointed in the blemishes on my new tool. Would be 5 star if it came perfect, adjusted to 4 to reflect the imperfections.

5 out of 5 stars
BG050142440 on 06 July 2022

Shipment arrived with damaged packaging and corresponding damage to contents. Both edges of tool blade have pronounced nicks. Damage compromises tools usefulness. Tool looks good otherwise.

5 out of 5 stars
BG453983511 on 03 March 2022

Fantastic quality for the price... Woodpeckers who? This is unbelievably a better value! The finish on my copy was flawless but more importantly it seems to test out perfectly both in being square and with having accurate measurements. Admittedly I don't really have any other precision rules for testing but I'll say it was dead on accurate with my USA made Stanley Fat Max tape measure. And I don't mean close enough.. I mean dead on exactly the same. Also proved to be dead square with both my 6" and 12" speed squares. Without having a fancy name tool to test it against I'll say I'm more than happy with its accuracy. Also worth noting the zero was dead on with the fence and being relatively light I'm expecting it to be a perfect standard hook ruler for measuring the length of a board's face as well as square marking with the fence across sheet material. I don't remember it saying but the measurements although not real deep are etched and all scales clearly marked and well printed. I can also report my .07 pentel mechanical pencil seemed to work just fine in the holes along the scale. I've ordered 6 or 7 more Veiko tools including the 12" and 20" T-square to go with this 30" and will be watching closely for more imperial additions to they're line up. In my mind only a fool could justify the price difference against the "other red brand" at least based off this first tool I received anyway. If quality control and accuracy stays a priority for this company then I'm sold. Can recommend with no hesitation at this time.. give them a try!

5 out of 5 stars
Joshua on 22 February 2022

I'm very pleased with this T square. It is perfectly square and the scribing holes are dead on. I drew several scribe lines and checked them against my Woodpeckers square...perfect match. I checked for square against my Starrett combination square and it was exact. The packaging wasn't great and there are a few small scratches on the handle. Also, apparently there was a pen included in the package, but it was destroyed during shipping. The ink tube was the only thing remaining from the pen. Otherwise, the square works as it should for a great price.

5 out of 5 stars
BG494512180 on 20 February 2022

Very pleased excellent quality

5 out of 5 stars
BG181113957 on 09 December 2021

Pros: 1) Easy to assemble, just place the red ruler part on the black base and screw it in the with included machine screws and allen key. The inset feels very precise and is a perfect fit 2) Dead square (enough for woodworking) out of the box, very easy to use 3) Aluminum feels good and it's a professional looking tool, the anodizing is very pretty and the markings are clear and easy to read Cons: 1) A few small scratches on the black anodized base - none on the red ruler though, which is perfect 2) The included scribing pen is just the pen insert? It works and you can write with it, but it's pretty cheap. I was only ever planning on using a mechanical pencil or scratch awl anyways 3) Under the marking holes, it's got a label that says '1/32 Increments.' It's not, it's 1/16", but that's exactly what was advertised so it's just kind of funny