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Ulefone Power Armor 13 13200mAh Battery 8GB 128GB 256GB 48MP Quad Camera 6.81 inch Wireless Charge NFC Helio G95 IP68 IP69K Waterproof 4G Rugged Smartphone

Last updated: 16 January 2024
4,82 754 reviews
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Color: Black
Capacity: 8GB 256GB
Version: EU Direct
Ship From: CZ [US, HK, CZ]
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Questions and Answers

Which promo code to apply $259 or better price?

by Nick, on 03 August 2023

You need to choose warehouse first, then apply promo code of 249.00 USD: "BGdc535e" 256GB CZ Warehouse: 256GB USA Warehouse: Other promo codes can be found at

by Marie, on 03 August 2023

is this 5G?

by BG149238225, on 05 August 2021

You do know it lists all the bands in the description?

by BG502556513, on 29 January 2022
5 out of 5 stars
vytautasfilipavicius on 13 January 2022

siuntinys pristatytas greitai ir saugiai. gavau kažkur per dvi savaites. Gerai supakuotas, Supakavimas nepažeistas ir nedeformuotas. žaisti minicraft ir kitus žaidimus labai labai gerai. aš ji numečau ir ne suskilo. man patiko kad, jis labai storas o su dėklu iš vis galiūnas. Aš telefona pasiūliau savo pusbroliui Kazimerui ir jis mėtė mėtė daužė daužė duona ant jo pjaustė ir nei kart nesuskilo. Na labai gerai jūs pagaminot ji iš kokiu medžiagu tik norėtusi sužinot kad galėčiau iš tu medžiagu savo žmonai karolius pagamint nes vis plyšta ir plyšta o pinigėliu mažėja ir mažėja. Sūnėnui nupirksiu toki telefona ir galės visokius Robloxus žaist ir maudytis su juo galės. Na telefonas kaip kažkoks terminatorius imečiau i vilnele ir kap kažkoks terminatorius ill be back ir išnyro. Tai daviau tam pačiam sunėnui ir labau nustebo pasakė kad ateis laikas ir vietoj telefonu mikrobangines nešiosime, ir tas sunėnas iš kart nubėgo in garažų ir pats bandė pasigamint toki telefona bigimona ir tik pirst ir visas garažas musu susprogo sakė biški neapskaičiavo ir tnt pagamino.

5 out of 5 stars
BG213232142 on 08 January 2022

very nice product... i received the product yesterday 1 week earlier than the expected date... the phone is so big, i thinks its 3 times the weight of my nubia red magic 3s. im so happy with this phone. thanks banggood for the good product and to the courier that deliver my parcel... keep it up!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

5 out of 5 stars
Dinis on 05 November 2021

The merchandise arrived relatively fast and came in good condition beyond arriving complete. It came accompanied by accessories such as protective film (from the screen) made of tempered glass of the brand and model. Along also accompanies the fast wall charger and its high-speed cable, the ultra-thin SIM strip accessory, OTG cable, USB 3.0 to USB TYPE-C USB Pen adapter. Regarding the phone, even after I've read and seen photos and videos besides reviews and ratings, nothing prepared me for the immensity of volume in terms of thickness this magnificent phone has. By my accounts, three of these phones could start my wife's car that has a battery of 45AH. It has many authentic Swiss knife-like functions and is a kind of CAT killer such its versatility and polyvalence joining superior autonomy (awesome) and resistance to shock and water and dust (the latter two untested) and not forget that to test check If all rubberized caps are closed (fitted in place) because there are no miracles, no such equipment with various connections is impervious without this care (as referred to in the manuals accompanying these articles). I will confide in you that I will not test these water&dusterproof capabilities because of course, when they have to be tested, they will necessarily be put to the test. In relative terms, I see only three drawbacks: 1. Fixing some accessories, I think that in addition to the treat that Banggood has put the wireless charger together by induction. (ADOI and we have to put the visa on the Banggood offer issue) But as it said it could have put together a case or flip case (a protective cover) and yes it seems to ask a lot but it would be fantastic. 2. In terms of GUARANTEE clear the Achilles heel of these purchases, I am European and in this space we currently have mandatory guarantee of a minimum of 2 years that from 2022/01/01 will be 3 years minimum, Only to enforce Banggood will be some kind of MI. 3. All that remains is 5G. That said DO NOT FORGET to click on the offer before finalizing the purchase if still available and are prepared for above average weight and thickness with a haunting autonomy and polyvalence.

4 out of 5 stars
BG533438156 on 25 October 2021

I buy this Ulefone on 10.10.2021. It took long time to reach at my home. I cannot track where my phone after fly from China. It arrived safely on 23.10.2021. I don't know who's sent my phone. It not stated in tracking details. I also cannot contact the seller in this Banggood apps. I thought they scammer. When I open the package i saw black yellow box. Thank goodness it was my rugged Ulefone. It seems very tough big and heavy. It easy to install. All anything in my old phone i have transferred on it. I have used for installation and watching movies about 5 hours. The battery drop from 100% to 90%. Now about over 3 days i put in standby with Wi-Fi open. The battery drop 85%. But i did not used it yet for my day usage. Maybe i will used it when doing outdoor work soon. I wander how i want to claim if anything unstable happen to my phone soon. Because Malaysia to China is too far. How long the period of warranty Ulefone give to me. Hope Banggood and Ulefone can shortly the transportation period.

5 out of 5 stars
mixingbowl on 17 October 2021

It's the Swiss Army knife of phones! Huge screen, large battery, thick, rugged casing and clean, uncluttered Android 11 with expandable memory (SD Card). I like the display which is better than the other rugged phones I have. FM radio plays even without attaching headphones. Screen protector is included. I am in the U.S. and Ulefone included a North American style plug adapter for charging. Hint: To use the Rangefinder feature, you must press the button twice, once to turn on infared and then again to start measuring; it took some time to figure this out. The only thing that's missing is 5G; if that doesn't put you off then you will LOVE this phone. Item was delivered to my U.S. address via FedEx; total transit time was 15 days.

5 out of 5 stars
kiwiMark on 17 October 2021

For the particular purpose that I bought this phone for, I really like it. For daily carry, I wouldn't be so keen (due to the weight & size). I have bought this phone to run navigation on my motorcycle as well as running an app that supports my radar detector and to connect to my Bluetooth comms in my helmet - all while being able to run for a whole day without needing to be plugged in to a charger. It has handled everything I wanted from it, very easily! I've tested it by putting it in my car and using navigation and the radar detector app during my commute. After 7 days with 5 hours of commuting, the battery is now down to 49%. Clearly in one day I could easily do more than 10 hours of navigating without needing to be plugged in to a charger. Actually, it has now been 9 days, including 6 hours of navigation and the battery is down to 40% - this phone would easily do way more than 2 weeks of standby on a charge. This great battery means that I can keep the USB port cover on when riding my motorcycle in heavy rain, this eliminates the one way water can cause a problem on a waterproof phone.

5 out of 5 stars
Tuncer Gerstner on 06 October 2021

Very good , shipping was fast. Processing very good and function also. Very much too emp­ ­len since the housing is extremely stable. Very good for craftsmen and private use.

5 out of 5 stars
Theson on 29 September 2021

Monster, everything I needed. Everything came right and fast...Brazil arrived 12 days ago.

5 out of 5 stars
BG531436544 on 04 September 2021

my third Ulefone, after Ulefone 6, the 9 with a beautiful FLIR thermal imager here is my third jewel Ulefone Power Armor 13 with laser distance meter After two days of use still 88% battery It's been two days since I got it, and it looks like I can't help it. Ulefone has many models and I think it is one of the best manufacturers of smartphones and accessories Thank you Bangood for sending me this jewel

5 out of 5 stars
BG101511255 on 22 August 2021

Nice machine, very good, just because of the heavy battery capacity