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STEELE 5 220mm Wheelbase 5mm Arm Thickness Carbon Fiber X Type 5 Inch Freestyle Frame Kit Support Caddx Vista HD System for RC Drone FPV Racing

Last updated: 25 August 2023
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Model: Frame Kit
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Questions and Answers

what is the height of the standoffs?

by BG111154924, on 17 October 2020


by BG481401544, on 11 May 2022

Please if you want to copy the apex at least copy well. The holes in the arm are not in a straight line so it causes a weak spot, and the mounting for the fc (and the arm) is not the same as the original. Fix these two things and a lot more people will buy your frame. Thank you

by MGeppetto, on 29 August 2020

It looks a lot like the Cockroach v2 frame, from summer 2019.

by alexandergrimsmo, on 02 December 2020
5 out of 5 stars
OlegPavlov on 19 January 2023

I like this frame, but it became 10 euro expensive. it’s quite durable

4 out of 5 stars
wilkieastreet on 10 December 2021

The arms can move laterally a few millimetres, even if the screws are tight. A 5.1 inch propeller misses or hits the rear standoff, depending on where the rear arms are sitting. Use 5 inch propeller only. The aluminium stand off has weak thread, easy to strip. I had to use longer screws. You have to take a stack screw out to change an arm. The motor arm ends are less than the diameter of the 22xx motor, so if you clip a steel post, you'll bash the bell instead of the carbon (I did this the first time I flew with this frame. destroyed a brand new motor). The four screws under the stack nearly touch the ESC so I had to grind them down with a dremel. The camera plate hole position is not suitable. I can't angle more than 20 degrees. I drilled new holes in the plates to fix this. Coming from an iflight XL5, this frame has been disappointing. Gave 4 stars because I can't complain much for the price.

5 out of 5 stars
So geht Technik on 27 May 2021

Looks Like a good fpv frame. Here is how you can build it Picture by Picture

5 out of 5 stars
getswifty on 30 January 2021

shipping was quite fast - you get a lot for this price - good job BG if you order this kit you need to know that its made for a dji vista. if you want to mount an analog mini cam you will have the frame in your fov. u cant mount a micro cam its too small an if you plan to use a bracket it doesnt work. i saw already custom printed side plates but this would lower the stability. also be aware you cant quickchange a broken arm because the stack screw is blocking the arm. also the lowest point are the screws who hold the arm (2 each arm). so if you land or slide you damage the screwheads and maybe arent able to remove them after. i recomment to add skids or some protection to the screwheads. the press nuts are not really usefull, you should change them. also the screws from the arms should be replaced with fitting screws. good quality carbon and for this price you will get good starterkit for building a 5 inch quad. with the explained modification you can built a nice freestyle quad.

5 out of 5 stars
monkeyman on 15 January 2021

Great frame for the price. They even put a little metal file in the package. I guess that was for any ruff bits of which there was none. One things I think could be improved are the length of the arms as if you use 5.1 inches props (as many are these days) they are only a whisker away from the frame at the back.

5 out of 5 stars
Savoonga on 12 January 2021

Stable and compact frame. Has now some crashes behind him and he has survived well. problem-free with a Caddx Vista build-up bar. The screws and standoffs are unfortunately not of such good quality. Screws must be partly replaced because too short and therefore demolition risk! But for the price you can not complain:)

5 out of 5 stars
bingone on 30 November 2020

Really great product, perfect packaging and shipping.

5 out of 5 stars
Drakomorpho on 03 November 2020

Good frame, it feels strong, good work on the carbon fiber, I had to work on some details, open more holes to get the hardware in, the edges are sharp and I had to sand them, for the price seems good buy. Not the version where you can mount the DJI Air join, but if the Caddx Vista

4 out of 5 stars
Phonicswave on 11 September 2020

• Build quality is okey for 30$ • You maybe have to sand down the carbon edges, they can be pretty sharp. • Vista fits perfect, 20x20mm holes in the back. remember you need the longer camera cable. • Air unit doesn‘t fit, the standoffs/antennas are in the way. • The Standoffs could have abetter quality, you maybe have to deburr it. • You definitely need longer screws to mount the dji fpv cam, the stock ones are too short because the gap between the camera and the carbonplates are too big.

4 out of 5 stars
jstn2592 on 05 September 2020

supports ONLY 22mm or smaller fpv camera. frame seems sturdy. I bought two frames and all of the arms measure 4.86-4.91mm thickness. I saw a review about the press nuts not fitting in the holes well. there are not meant to. they just sit where pictured, they fit right into the groove perfectly. giving this a 4 star only because some of the edges were rough and splintery. nothing some sand paper couldn't fix.

5 out of 5 stars
kwick on 25 August 2020

Blank mounting, looks robust. I'll switch to the 6s with this frame. p'tit comparo with a martian and real4 chassis (reverb clone)