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Sky Surfer X8 1480mm Wingspan EPO FPV Aircraft RC Airplane PNP

Last updated: 20 May 2024
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Questions and Answers

Is a remote control included?

by BG223754120, on 03 April 2020

Without transmitter and without receiver

by BG174453724, on 29 November 2023

Which glue should be used to glue this material EPO, Can you refer me to the glue product?

by RSaar, on 13 June 2018

can i use a heavy battery like a 3300 mah?

by jackr7, on 13 January 2021
4 out of 5 stars
kdclaunch on 09 August 2021

Once properly set up, plane flew like a dream. Moderate speed that is capable of loops and rolls in the hands of an intermediate pilot. a better prop would make it faster for sure. Slow flight is perfect and fun. It glides beautifully for extensive periods. Plane came with Dean's connectors on the esc, but pictures and recommended battery suggested xt60. This was disappointing, but we soldered xt60 onto the esc, and it works great. Overall, very pleased with this plane for the price. Note: aileron servo arms come tucked into the wing for transport. They need to be removed and repositioned before attaching push rods.

4 out of 5 stars
stefixx on 06 March 2021

The plane arrived undamaged after about a week, despite being loose without insulation material in the box. The price, along with Punkterabatt was unbeatable. Good The plastic brackets of the rods on the flaps make a questionable impression, they have been replaced by parts of a slaughtered MPX. So are the Anlenkdrähte as the original ones are too short for the MPX clamps... The foam material is processed cleanly. The engine sits slightly oblique - that must be so??? A 5x5x5 three - blade screw was ordered as an alternative to the original prop. An additional cooling air duct was installed on the nose for the regulator. With 2 servos the arms were screwed wrong by 180 degrees - not so great. The recesses in the wings, on the other hand, so that the servo horn can be unscrewed. At least the servos are all running. The rear looks a bit unstable overall. The first flight is still pending. I'm excited.

5 out of 5 stars
micka80 on 19 September 2020

Plane flies perfectly with a 1500mah 3 cell. Provided prop is fine, draws 13amps, a 6x4.5 draws 19amps, speed controller gets warm with the 5x5. I put holes in the nose, heat shrink around the clevises. Wing servos not glued in and dont trust the horn clips, glue them in. Battery area too small and tidy up your wiring around the servos

5 out of 5 stars
catspurr on 18 February 2019

what a great little plane arrives in a plain cardboard box no damage plug and play thought the motor sounded anemic but with the five by five prop on it it's got some power to it move the rudder and elevator servos to the back installed a matek f411 flight controller VTX and camera on a servo on the nose went out yesterday for the glide test and it just kept gliding CG was spot-on with a 2200 3s hit the power and just did some laps checked out nav hold and brought her in for a landing super BG

5 out of 5 stars
Dogtag on 17 September 2018

The plane is nice. ESC, Motor, Servo are well build in. I am looking forward to test it in the air. BUT!!!! It arrived in horrible condition as shown in the pictures. So I had a lot more to do than glueing the rudder and horizontal tailplane and putting in receiver and LiPo.

5 out of 5 stars
BOB on 14 August 2018

I use a 1500 mah LiPo pushed up in the nose and it’s more then adaquate plus it’s lighter - great plane great performance bye that’s my girl lol

5 out of 5 stars
ClaudioM on 23 June 2018

Purtroppo i danni subiti nel trasporto non mi hanno permesso di utilizzare l'aereo, quindi non posso ancora conoscere le qualità del prodotto. L'ala sinistra e la cabina di pilotaggio sono deformate e rotte e risultano inutilizzabili, manca anche la seconda vite di fissaggio delle ali alla fusoliera. Spero troviate la soluzione per permettermi di completare l'areo e poterlo provare al più presto. Grazie

5 out of 5 stars
valimc on 11 June 2018

Good fpv glider. I just moved the rudder and elevator servos to the back to have enough space for AP. Also now I can run with a 3cell 2500mah and a mobius with no problem. The only thing I don't like is the softness of the horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Anyway I reinforce the horizontal with a carbon fiber strip. Overall a nice bird!

5 out of 5 stars
dooble on 23 April 2018

La version PNP a son fuselage deja collé, il ne reste que l'empennage arrière à coller et les ailles à visser, fournit avec un cockpit pilote et 1 fpv le montage est rapide.

5 out of 5 stars
stovereng on 11 April 2018

This is a fantastic airplane and great camera platform with the enclosed camera test bed canopy replacement. I mounted a Mobius HD camera. Best 70 dollar airplane ever.