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GAMAKAY MK61 Wired Mechanical Keyboard Gateron Optical Switch Pudding Keycaps RGB 61 Keys Hot Swappable Gaming Keyboard New Version

Last updated: 18 June 2024
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Color: Black
Switch: Blue Switch
Ship From: CN
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Questions and Answers

any way for better price?

by Karen, on 23 November 2023

usd43.99 promo code is available for CN warehouse page: add to your cart and use this promo code: bgdbf415

by Macallister, on 23 November 2023

when is this keyboard going to be deliverd

by BG545636833, on 17 January 2021

It was said to be delivered before january 24th.

by tedyingis, on 30 January 2021
5 out of 5 stars
Nanda on 16 June 2021

Antes de tudo: o problema com o inputlag foi resolvido. Baixei o software na descrição do anuncio, instalei a atualização de firmware e passou de 80ms pra 3ms (fiz um benchmark no próprio navegador). O teclado é bem pequeno e te exige um pouco de tempo para se acostumar com os comandos de FN, que são essenciais aqui visto que "faltam" diversas teclas. A sensação ao digitar é bem única. Além das teclas serem maiores que o habitual, é como se ao pressiona-las, vocês só sentisse o impacto ao teclá-las totalmente - meu switch é o red . Basicamente, o que quero dizer é que a trajetória é muito fluida. Ele é muito bonito e conta com efeitos RGB bem únicos. Eu gostaria de mais liberdade pra personalizar alguns padrões, seja mudando as cores do mesmo a até configurar a transição deles pelo software. E falando no mesmo, é terrível. As keycaps puddding tem uma beleza bem única - fora o tamanho maior dessa versão. Elas chamam bem a atenção, iluminam o ambiente dependendo da cor e dão uma sensação de profundidade bem bacana. E quanto as performance nos jogos? o tamanho possibilita posições mais confortáveis na minha mesa, e o inputlag é excelente pra jogos de ritmo, como osu!. Até reduzi meu offset já que esse teclado é mais rápido que meu antigo (hyper x alloy fps pro red switches) Enfim, super recomendado. Ele chegou em 25 dias aqui em Salvador - BH. Se não fosse a demora dos correios, quem sabe mais cedo.

5 out of 5 stars
BG395425321 on 14 May 2021

This is my first ever mechanical keyboard and I absolutely love it. I got it with gateron reds and it feels so fast and smooth! I'am going to have to get use to how fast it is. It comes with the keyboard, the manuel, key cap puller, switch puller, braided type c to usb cable and two extra switches one gateron blue and one gateron brown. If you want fast linear switches get reds or yellows, clicky blue, tactile brown. I don't really know a lot about greens but it is up to you. The good thing about the extra switches is that if you get linear switches you get to try out tactile and clicky. This keyboard responds very fast and is very smooth and isn't to loud unless you get clicky switches. I rate it a 10/10 and recommend this keyboard if you want a great budget hot swappable keyboard. I really love the red switches and want to try browns next time for mainly typing more. Reds are good for fast typing and gaming.

5 out of 5 stars
Barbycris on 09 April 2021

Maravilloso, muy agradable presionar las teclas. Llegó muy rápido a Chile. Tenía algunas keycaps y lo personalicé, me encanta!

5 out of 5 stars
sinsipenguen on 27 March 2021

I got the black one with brown switches. Switches are very smooth no scratchiness. Brown switches give very nice tactility without making high pitch sounds. Actually brown switches don't make any sound. When you bottom out it makes a very nice sound. It's not loud but not quiet either. A lot of people make fun of brown switches about how they are not tactile enough but I really enjoy brown switches. I'm coming from a mechanical feel like membrane gaming keyboard and I can guarantee that gateron brown switches are way better than those. To not feel the tactility you probably must be pressing the keys so hard. Anyways, stabilizers are great too. No annoying spring sounds. When you press it very slowly you can hear it but it's not something you'll hear often or get annoyed by. RGB almost perfect. It's full rgb and with the software you can customize it to your liking. Software is too complicated, I wish it was easier but you figure out eventually. Bottom row keys don't get enough light because leds are located on top of switches so bottom keys especially space bar doesn't look vibrant enough. It isn't a deal breaker but keep in that mind. Again software is hard to figure out but it gives lots of freedom. You can change the layout, add macros, add custom buttons to open certain apps. But since it's a %60 keyboard you can't do much with it. Thanks to being %60 you can access every button without lifting your hands. It gives lots of room to your mouse. So lack of buttons can be an advantage. Keyboard doesn't have any legs but it comes with 8.5 degrees and it is perfect. So I didn't need keyboard leg support. Keyboard doesn't have wrist rest but again, thanks to 8.5 degrees I had no problems and I had no wrist pain. Keyboard case is good quality. Keycaps have this very good feeling texture, I'm sure everyone will like it. No trouble reading the keys. Function keys are non rgb and printed with grayish color. In shortly I recommend this keyboard. Good price/performance

5 out of 5 stars
YanTV on 19 March 2021

This keyboard has been the highlight of my setup. I got white and yellow gateron combo. Very light and smooth! This is my first time in Banggood and delivery was really quick!

5 out of 5 stars
BG161018331 on 07 March 2021

The best purchase of a 60% keyboard you can make, better than the GK61 and SK61. You can check out review on my YouTube can, Gaming DeFault

5 out of 5 stars
BG817425581 on 26 February 2021

this keyboard is amazing, i got the yellow switches annd it sounds so good, this keyboard is defiitely worth it for its price. Its gateron optical hot swappable - so you can change the aswitches to you other optical switches adn it comes with pudding keycaps so the rgb looks great on this and it feels great. there are a few miss painted and bit scratched but it is only £38 so this is a great keyboard! very impressed, very worth buying! I put on 6 of my othert kleycaps on and mmight change it soon but idk. Also it came very early than expected only took about 8 days

5 out of 5 stars
BG475016574 on 25 February 2021

A very complete keyboard, I bought it with the switch brown and it's even a bit quiet, aubnque still has a bit of noise not because of the swtiches but because of the keys, Even so, it was an excellent purchase. It took less than 15 days to get to MEXICO once it was sent clearly, although it took less than 15 days to validate, I leave a review of my Youtube channel if you like to open it I talk about anthighosting and if you have a doubt you can leave it and I will comment on it, a salute to all Hispanics; )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) <3 I ENCUENTRAN LIKE CAREARNATSS49 IN YOUTUBE WHERE I HAVE REVIEW OF IT

5 out of 5 stars
BG141745182 on 15 February 2021

First time shopping from banggood and i'm happy about it. Keyboard came very quickly and i'm suprised. For the keyboard, I went with the white and gateron yellow combo. They are the smoothest switches i've ever used! So if you like lineer switches and typing stuff. This is the switch to go. Build quality is nothing special, even for pbt keycaps. They are rough around the edges. Case is plastic and it is the same story, corners are rough. Generally keyboard has some weight on it and it is sturdy so thats good. I wanted to learn keyboard modding, thats why i bought this keyboard. If anyone is wondering, keyboard's comes with 2 different optical switches. One blue(clicky) and one brown (tactile), one switch puller and one keycap puller. Of course a usb type-c cable is included. To sum up, I'm happy with the product, it has the best typing feeling around all of my mechanical keyboards, it is hot swappable and moddable. Theese are good for the value i think. As i said before I live in Turkey, with shipping it cost me around 450 Turkish Liras but with the extra package content. I am happy. I hope i answered some questions for thinking about buying this keyboard. Peace!.

5 out of 5 stars
Sam on 09 February 2021