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Excellway 2200-7000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 220V 50HZ EU Standard 12V/24V LED Display Power Inverter

Last updated: 26 March 2024
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Power: 2200W
Voltage: 12V
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Questions and Answers

Please explain group buy in details for me.

by BG404817151, on 15 February 2021

Now %5off promo code is working on Excellway and here is the working code for the warehouse above: bgbf27c7

by Macallister, on 19 November 2023

can these inverters work directly with solar panel without batteries?

by ignatiosx, on 03 December 2019

Solar panels generate DC, its recommended to use batteries for a stable output voltage and amperage. This is a off grid inverter if you want one that's plugs straight into a solar panel and into your house hold sockets then you need an ongrid "grid tie inverter". The problem with plugging a off grid inverter straight to solar panels will be unstable voltage and amperage with every cloud that passes meaning that your application for the inverter may not run all the time. Hope this is understandable. Get a few batteries and wire your solar panels through a mppt charge controller to the batteries and connect that way that way you will have linier voltage and amperage until the batteries run out and can be charged again, also lead acid batteries (deep cycle) are only ment to be discharged to 50% of there capacity.. Hope this helps

by BG183217484, on 09 May 2020
4 out of 5 stars
Ufukisik on 05 November 2021

Modem, TV, Saundbar, Robovacum, Kombi, Refrigerator 1.Test 1 hour later the fan stopped too hot but it didn't kick in, the test was terminated. 2. test ran smoothly for 4 hours fan rectified. The fan sound is a little uncomfortable, There's no soil. Very good for this price. It's 500w 24/7, but you need to put in additional coolers.

5 out of 5 stars
Henriquefp on 26 April 2021

Inverter arrived on 22/04/2021, on 24/04 I went to perform the installation on my teacara, but when I turned it on, it showed nothing at the exit part, so I realized there was something loose inside it, I opened it and to my surprise the big inductor responsible for the output was with cold solder at one of the terminals and the other nor soldier on the plate was, ie zero quality control, because it is sure that it was not tested before the shipment.

4 out of 5 stars
Hlias on 26 March 2021

This is the new version of the Inverter 3000 watt It is lighter than the previous one. The improvement has been made in the circuit, now there is a filter in the voltage output 220 volt. The filter consists of a coil and a capacitor, this is good.... --- * I am very unhappy with banggood with this purchase. There was a very long delay. I bought it from the Czech Republic Mar 01 2021 and it arrived in Greece Mar 24 2021. Great disappointment... - ... For delay 4 stars (for Inverter 5)

4 out of 5 stars
Hlias on 09 September 2020

I am very unhappy from Banggood with this order. I made the first purchase on July 30 and Banggood wrote "In stock. Ships in 24 hours" Several days passed but the order was in the "Order Processing" stage and the Shipped date was constantly changing. After 20 days I angrily canceled the order. Banggood apologized to me and assured me that it could send me the product with a new order. It reached my hands after 40 days and I did not like it at all. ********************************* I have not tried the inverter yet, It looks very good, I like it. I'm electronic, I opened the lid of the device to see the inside and take pictures. This inverter is actually a maximum of 2500 watts, 5000 watts is fake. It has 4 transformers that produce power of about 600 watts each. I need about 1500 watts and I think it will satisfy me. Of course this happens with all devices, they always write much more power than the real thing. If 2500 watts is enough for your job then I recommend it. But do not buy it to get 5000 watts.

5 out of 5 stars
Hlias on 06 July 2020

I bought the 12V 1500V version This is a very good inverter for his money. This works very well, it can comfortably give 1KW load You need to open it and add a capacitor (not electrolytic) 1.5 or 2 microfarad (μF) to the output. It's a major drawback, it's a circuit imperfection. It's very easy to do, see the picture. I recommend it.

5 out of 5 stars
slaw2014 on 15 May 2020

Very nice inverter, works well. however not a beautiful assembly. My measurements : max power1500-1600W (if more after a few seconds cuts off the output). Almost noiseless up to 400W. Efficiency about 86%. Idle current consumption at @25V around 0,35A. When battery is low at 21.3V starts to buz, at 19.7V output is disconnected...but still draws 0,1A. In my opinion it is to late, I am interested to know how to increase the battery low voltage threshold. Heat distribution on the attached IR photos.

5 out of 5 stars
aladin02 on 26 February 2019

Have the 3000Watt variant only 9 days to Germany - super Genuine sinus - super Works with 8Watt load as well as with 2000Watt - super All 100% sinusoidal - tested

4 out of 5 stars
sameeralbulushi on 19 May 2018

Good product I used it to run 1 ton air condition unit it works fine but gets hot which need to keep the unit in cool room using A.C. unit need large battery Bank.

5 out of 5 stars
zandesiro on 21 March 2018

Is very good quality inverter... I put my Grinding wheel 700w and work fine. After i plug in my 2000w heated gun the screen of the inverter shows 1650w and work again perfect... Highly recommended product from Banggood.

5 out of 5 stars
BG411657101 on 07 March 2018

Unit arrived well packed in a carton with short leads and battery clamps. The Instruction book had useful notes on battery and battery life but the diagrams were not representative of the controls on this inverter. Connecting the unit the display showed output volts about 1v low, input volts about 0.5v high. Cannot check for Sine wave but the unit powered several appliances including starting and running an Air compessor and vaccuum cleaner about 2500W without any problem. Ran a freezer for 9hours the case temp only got to 30deg C. Quite happy with the purchase.