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Eachine Moneagle 5 Inch IPS 800x480 5.8GHz 40CH Diversity Receiver 1000Lux FPV Monitor With DVR 360° Full View HD Display Built-in 4000mAh Battery For RC Drone Radio Controller

Last updated: 18 May 2023
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Questions and Answers

can i use the goggles and that monitor at the same time?

by BG383211551, on 02 November 2020

Yes, you can have as many receivers as you wish, just like your car radio, that’s a receiver

by Puddles459, on 02 November 2020

Does it work with SJRC f11 5G drone?

by BG141635146, on 05 August 2020

NO it will NOT work with SJRC F11 5G drone. 5G means 5G WiFi. 5G WiFi is NOT 5.8ghz Video. Person asking about Eachine Wizard X220 - that drone has a 5.8ghz video transmitter (vtx) so you have your answer.

by BG502556513, on 30 July 2021
5 out of 5 stars
Komac on 09 April 2022

excellent. Not tested on field as I am waithing for good fly days, but checked locally. Created mount for it to be mounted on Radiomaster TX16S

5 out of 5 stars
maper on 31 August 2021

I received the order in 4 days, it's super fast and in good condition it's the main one. I was able to test the screen, it's really sensational, it's bright, in the menu you can adjust several parameters such as brightness, contrast, color, backlight, volume, language and some complementary elements. equipped with 8 channels and 5 bands , you can do an automatic search by pressing a button and the images appear immediately in coherence with the camera previously adjusted, I use the camera TX03. the screen has a slot to use a 64G max SD card, this allows to record our exploits and possibly to view them on the screen. you can put the sound , personally I have deactivated it consumes the battery which is 4000 mha anyway , this one can be charged by another battery lipo when you go to the field for example it's convenient. a tip to charge your battery before it is used at least with 7 A or with a good USB charger. For my first screen , I am very satisfied and I recommend it.

5 out of 5 stars
Andrey_Evgenievich on 21 July 2021

Superb quality monitor. Bright screen, quality finish. Behind the soft touch surface with beautiful faces. Everything is spoiling the installation of two diversion modules inside. Opposite them on the entire surface of the screen is a metal plate, which in the compartment with an air gap forms a receptacle with parasitic tips. Opened, connected by wiring the panel emp diversion (earth) with the screen plate. I think it's a little better. It remains to change the antennas, as there is garbage (checked on all frequencies - closer to 5800 is better, but not by much). And in 21 years to put RPSMA is a special perversion. Immediately to purchase an adapter and antenna (and it is better to immediately omni and patch, that twice do not get up). Otherwise the impressions are exceptionally positive!

5 out of 5 stars
hagdon on 18 March 2021

Wow, this screen is fantastic. perfectly viewable on sunny days. True RF diversity I used one antenna clover and the other long range. All works perfectly. One touch record function in VGA only but very good playback. You can select for in flight HD viewing. I am used to goggles but wanted to try the screen on top of TX. I had no issues with this monitor. The supplied bracket works fine with Horus but I had to add a rubber insert to be tight on tx handle. Lends itself to additional power easily on mount. Highly recommended.

4 out of 5 stars
breakman on 16 December 2020

Well packaged and seems like quality product. Dont go thinking you got used one with scratched screen, its just thin foil that can be removed. Antennas dont seem great as by moving them I get differend dBi while in same room as the transmitter, but I hope they will be good enough for closer flying. Speakers work, picking up sound from my TX805,it gets recorded too. It accepted my samsung 64gb card after formating it in the monitor as should be done for any device. Youtube reviews often say you cant easily mount it to the transmitter, but it fits perfectly to flysky i6x. Photo with monitors on shows moneagle on the left and mjx d43 on the right. 1 star less due to antennas looking not so great.

5 out of 5 stars
efrancois on 26 November 2020

Moneagle receiver sent and received very quickly. The 5" format is large enough to see and change the options correctly. The rendering is brilliant as announced by the influencers. The autoscan is convenient, you can add mini Stubby rpsma for flights nearby. The autonomy is already important but one can connect a lipo via the XT connector. The 64GB SD card can record in VGA, D1 or HD (1280x720).

5 out of 5 stars
BG227453174 on 12 October 2020

Quick shipping to Australia, around 2 weeks even though covid is causing delays at customs. Items were packaged very well. The Moneagle works easy, holds a charge for quite a while and is easily visible in sunlight. Note that I have not yet removed the screen protector in my photos, the screen is not scratched.

5 out of 5 stars
Miguel Angel on 10 October 2020

Fantastic FPV monitor with audio, reciver and recorder on micro SD card . Compact, it's not very big, it includes a support to anchor in your station and after a few flights of use, I'd say it works very well. Quality of finish, image quality and good reception.

5 out of 5 stars
axelman89 on 29 September 2020

It's a good screen, it's very convenient to fly on a plane for 1.5 hours, I'm not tired of fpv glasses anymore.

5 out of 5 stars
frimen on 07 September 2020

This is very nice all day every day use FPV screen with IPS 800x480 resolution, great view screen in any angle. Powerful vrx with precise autoscan. Standard DVR and playback. 4000mah battery, no 1/2 mount. But has very nice brace mounting. Very easy to use. Very nice to mount on worktable, no wires needed for long use.. Good fill giving back material. Holds well in hands.