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Eachine RC Airplane

Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D V2 761-5 EPP 400mm Wingspan 2.4G 6-Axis Gyro RC Airplane Trainer Fixed Wing BNF/RTF One Key Return Compatible DSM S-BUS Protocol for Beginner

Last updated: 11 June 2024
4,93 1525 reviews
🛒 74,44$ from Banggood 🛒
Mode: Two batterries
Version: RTF
Ship From: CZ [CN, US, CZ]
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Questions and Answers

is it possible to buy just the plane? mine flew away!

by BG523217151, on 20 May 2020

No. They all come with the transmitter.

by zotm_Bigdogge, on 05 June 2020

Can this plane bind to any existing radios? (For example Flysky transmitter)

by thesim, on 14 October 2019

This is now DeviationTX and Opentx Multi-Protocol Module compatible.

by scousethief, on 12 January 2020
5 out of 5 stars
BG331742480 on 31 May 2023

I give this .5 stars because it was just so child friendly. I have never flown an airplane in my life and this is the first plane I bought and I was able to fight with ease, especially with the gyros one thing that’s a little weird is that when the batteries die it just falls from the sky but if you’re flying, it should have a nice gliding speed so it won’t like damage it, it is very durable like very very durable. If something doesn’t work at first, just unplug the battery and plug it back in and that should fix it. If it doesn’t you have to dig a little deeper also, I love the shipping time. It will come a week from when you buy it. I love it so much and I highly recommend if you want to get a plane for your kid or for you if you’ve never flown a plane before. And even if you have, you can put it in the expert mode and fly like a professional.

5 out of 5 stars
BG411054885 on 13 August 2021

FANTASTIC!!! I LOVE THIS THING!!! I WILL be getting the F-4U as well. It has Aileron, Rudder, Elevator and throttle control. Beginner, intermediate and expert modes help even a novice like myself feel like a WW2 ACE pilot. It would be really neat to see Eachine make some Axis fighters. Maybe a Mitsubishi Zero and a couple German fighters. It's small, but don't let that fool you. It's fast, responsive and nimble!! The "break away" propeller is a great idea!! I accidentally have crashed this numerous times. I just reattach the propeller test the functions and send it flying again. Battery lasts on average about 15 minutes, maybe a little less if you're flying at full throttle and don't end up crashing the whole time. Check out my review on my YouTube channel. ...and don't forget to hit Subscribe. Way more videos are coming on all sorts of topics.

5 out of 5 stars
tronky77 on 26 June 2021

excellent model, finally even beginners can easily fly a warbird, and of such small size usually even more difficult to fly, the model is very stable but also fast, in beginner mode only requires a little familiarity with the direction of the sticks, but if you have piloted a drone there should probably be no problems, also very resistant model only thing to pay attention to the propellers that come off easily on landing, I have not mounted the landing gear because I fly in a field with tall grass

5 out of 5 stars
itsyoutubetime on 09 January 2021

This is my first aircraft model, so far I fly Fpv drones. Price/performance is perfect for beginners. The first flight was successful. More info follow on YouTube at #ItsYouTubeTime

5 out of 5 stars
BG412125411 on 20 November 2020

this is a great plane and for such a small plane . great features and so much technology crammed in to help a new flyer. 3 modes begin. advanced and expert. this plane flies like a plane should arrived on time and in great condition. really am enjoying this plane and plan to fly alot more thanks banggood

4 out of 5 stars
rpax on 16 August 2020

Not a bad little unit for the price. The aesthetics dont live up to the pictures in the ad description, but its pretty good. I purchased the 3 battery version which came with one battery inside the fuselage and the other 2 stowed in the battery compartment of the transmitter. The batteries are small 380 mAh 1S LiPo's with micro JST connectors. A USB charger is supplied, which does the job for charging, but nothing is included to storage charge the batteries. The item arrived relatively promptly for me (in Australia) despite the worldwide logistics disruptions due to COVID-19 (a couple of weeks). It was well packaged with a sturdy cardboard box and styrene protecting the contents effectively. The plastics in general seem quite flimsy - but not unexpected at this price point. The Gyro stabilisation and stunt buttons work as described. It handles quite well in the air, but i wouldn't consider this a beginner plane. It will also struggle in anything stronger than a light breeze. Its very lightweight, so will struggle on anything but the shortest grass (or hard surfaces) for takeoffs and landings. Go ahead on purchase additional propellor protector mounts as they are fragile. Mine broke on the second outing. Here's the link: Overall a decent little warbird for the price and with the availability of spares to keep it in the air (which you'll need).

5 out of 5 stars
tdparker on 30 July 2020

Excellent!!! It's been 25 years since I flew a remote controlled plane and I was a beginner at the time... This plane is great, its stabilization allows to fly without stress, to try things by switching to intermediate or expert mode, then return to beginner mode to stabilize the plane. It didn't stop me from spitting, and violently: the plane took the wall of my house in mid-power engine flight, He pegged the ground vertically with a full go - around and many other strands. it always flies without problem, it is damaged (see photos), the nose is pushed and the engine moves a little inside, I had to glue a little on top because after a very violent shock, The battery tried to go through the cockpit. A horn from the aileron servo ripped off during an engineless landing on bitumen, the battery was flat and I prefer to fly without the wheels. When the battery is at the end of its life, the engine shuts down but the other flight controls remain active. The range is impressive, flying quietly, 20 minutes. The propeller protection system is ultra efficient: I'm in my second propeller because I lost one in tall grass, but on all my failed landings the propeller jumps and rises in an instant. I mistreated him but he still flies like a charm even with winds of 30km/h. I tell myself that by force I will end up breaking it. If that happens, there are new models that are the Corsaire, the T28 and the F22, I think I'll take back a Mustang. But I hope Eachine makes a Spitfire or a Hurricane.

5 out of 5 stars
MrKnifington on 08 April 2020

this plane is really well built, it was my first plane and within my first five flights I got it stuck nearly at the top of a tree and I thought I’d never see it again but after two weeks of being beaten up by wind and rain in the tree it finally fell down but the whole front of it had fallen off. I didn’t mind I was happy to have it back so I tried to put it all back together with some hot glue and now it flys just like it did when it was brand new. I have no idea how it survived since it still had the battery connected and it rained really heavily during the time it was stuck so I give the plane a 10/10 for durability as well as it is super fun to fly so I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting to give the RC plane hobby a go. ps take the amount of room you think you need to fly it in and triple it so I’d say a football field or a park with basically no trees. (trees are your enemies)

5 out of 5 stars
Laurie on 31 October 2019

This one is a winner. I wouldn't have believed that a good stabilisation system could make a plane like this so easy to fly. Unfortunately it seems to be only available in Mode 2, and I am a Mode 1 flyer, so I have only used the Beginner and Intermediate options at this stage. I am hoping that the protocol it uses will eventually become available on the Jumper or iRangeX multi protocol module so I can fly it with my Taranis QX7.

5 out of 5 stars
BOOGIE on 23 October 2019

what can I say ? I was very sceptical when I bought this plane 🤔 but boy I,m happy I did 👍 it fly,s great not sure if it's a beginner plane it is really fast for what it is ! it is so much better than the train star which is the same size be sure you buy plenty of batteries because it is so much fun it has a one click aerobatic button which works good but make sure you are fairly high it tends to nose down while rolling just wish they make a 500mm version like the Super cub 500 and they need to start selling spare parts 5 stars from me 👍👌👍❤️😀