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Eachine E160 V2 6CH Dual Brushless 3D6G System Flybarless RC Helicopter BNF/RTF Compatible with FUTABA S-FHSS

Last updated: 09 June 2023
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Version: BNF
Battery Quantity: with 1 Battery
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Questions and Answers

can u bind it with the Xk X6 S-FHSS!?

by BG837481122, on 18 September 2021

YES, you use that transmitter

by Iwydon, on 08 March 2022

Can I use a Taranis x9d? Should I put a receiver on it or can you bind it with the FrSky module? Can it be controlled by my Taranis x9d? Should I put a receiver or it binds directly?

by Aamovolare, on 20 June 2020

Yes, you can. I made a video showing how to configure the X9D transmitter. Search on YouTube for "eachine e160 setup transmitter".

by FyreSG, on 30 June 2020
5 out of 5 stars
vulcan2000 on 31 October 2021

great Heli for the money. easy to work on. parts are cheap and available. performance is Awesome. I have two! V1 and V2....But Major issue! both versions Randomly switch/GET STUCK in 3G non stabilisation (Acro mode) there's no known Fix! you have to Land and switch Everything off to regain 6G stabilisation!!! On next power up.... If you're a beginner Or only fly in 6G its Crash Time!!! naughty BANGGOOD also Sold me the V2 BNF but when it arrived it was the V1. you can tell the difference by looking at the blade grip bearings, V1 has a copper washers and a slightly larger gap on head. all canopies Removed pictures the (V2 is the bottom one with green blades) and the V1 has blue blades.

5 out of 5 stars
luisu on 22 January 2021

Product arrived very fast,box resisted shipping and goods arrived well protected, binding to RM transmitter was easy. Seems more robust than other brand micro helis. Have to wait for better weather to test and fly.

5 out of 5 stars
Paul on 12 July 2020

A quick initial review of the E160 for Spectrum/JR users and a few thoughts based on my initial experience - and I am in no way a 3D pilot. The E160 is designed for Futaba S-FHSS users to bind and fly but Spectrum/JR users fear not and read on! I bound a Redcon DSMX satellite receiver to my DX8e radio using a full size DSMX receiver as a host. Plug the pre-bound satellite receiver into the DSM port on the flybarless control board on the helicopter fuselage. I attached the receiver to the top of the elevator servo using a 3M foam pad.You MUST set up the pitch and throttle curves on your TX BEFORE powering up the helicopter. This is because the servos are set to maximum throws (plus) and you will put severe strain on them if you don’t do this. My trial and error settings I used are included below, but it you use those in the manual initially you wont got too far wrong and then tune these to suite your own ability/flying style as I did.Before you fly you need to check the rear elevator servo arm and ensure that it is not binding on the right hand servo body (when viewed from above). Mine was (poor quality control/design by Eachine) and I had to carefully remove the servo from the mount and re-profile the servo arm elbow to give adequate clearance from the right hand servo main body. Here are my Spectrum radio settings: Swasplate Type : NORMAL 1 Servo. Servo Setup : Travel - all 100%, Sub Trim - all 0, Normal/Reverse - All Normal D/R and Expo - 100% and 0% (set other curves to suit as required). Throttle Curve: N: 0,85,85,85,85%. 1: 85,85,85,85,85%. 2: 90,90,90,90,90%. H 0%. Pitch Curve: 1: 35,43,50,58,65%. 2. Same as 1 (for gentle aerobatics with a 85% throttle curve). 3: 32,40,50,60,68% (for 3D with 90% throttle). Hold : Same as 1. GYRO: +21.0%, -10%, -10% (The +ve setting should make the helicopter more stable (6G mode), the -ve setting should remove the 6G mode for aerobatic flight. Timer: 4 minutes. Overall a nice little helicopter.

5 out of 5 stars
FyreSG on 01 July 2020

Impressive build quality - I love beautifully made CNC rotor head. The CF tail boom feels strong, should be able to handle crashes well. Paired with a FrSKY D8 receiver, and a matching cable, the E160 works perfectly with my Taranis X9D+ OpenTX FrSKY transmitter. I was not ready for 3D so I did a couple of sport flights. At a flat throttle curve of 70%, it flew around the field with ease. However, I encountered tail twitches during high speed turns, and tail loses hold during pitch pumps. Overall, it is a nice little helicopter, but could be more attractively priced.

5 out of 5 stars
Nille on 20 June 2020

The improvements over the K130 seem successful. The servos are play-free. The leaf holders move easily. The rear holds. Position and height are easy to maintain. This could not be done with the K130 without extensive rework. The ESC regulates around worlds better than that of the K130. There are also the delays in switching the flight states (gas values). Some parts appear compatible e. G. TS Good for the K130. The holes for the stem bolts in the blade holders are too big and the stem bolts are quite short. Loctide is definitely recommended.