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DUMBORC Radios & Receiver

DumboRC X6 2.4GHz 6CH FHSS Radio Transmitter Support Gyro Sensitivity Adjustment with X6FG RC Receiver for JJRC Q65 MN-90 RC Car Boat Tank Model Parts

Last updated: 10 June 2023
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Questions and Answers

Can I control the throttle so it goes slower to allow someone new to RC to learn?

by Kevin, on 06 March 2020

Yes, you can. It is shown in one Picture of the Productdeskription. One Knob (right down) under the Flap on Top of the Controller. You can stepless Adjust the max. Throttle from 0 to 100%.

by Marduk_007, on 07 March 2020

does it suport multiple receivers?

by DavidCohen, on 16 July 2019

If you want to use 1 transmitter (Remote controller) for both (2) rigs, then you will have to buy 1 extra receiver for the second car. does it make sense to you?

by TheShoe, on 22 December 2020
5 out of 5 stars
luv2fly on 17 January 2022

DumboRC has the best RX/TX for the money, you just can't go wrong. 2.4ghz Super response radio system. Features; a response time of 3ms, 400-500m range, 6 channel transmitter with a X6FG 6 channel receiver with Gyro, channel 1 is your steering, channel 2 is your throttle brake and reverse, channel 3 is a push on push off button located on the hand hold, channel 4 is a 3 way switch located behind the steering wheel, channel 5 and 6 are both dial control's located on the top of tx, Supports mixed control of channel 1 and 2, also has reverse steering and throttle dial, feels great in your hand well balanced, does not feel cheep at all looks great and comes in multiple colors, works with cars, trucks, boats and tanks, binding and setting up the rx/tx was simple, would recommend DumboRc to everyone but especially to all you speed run guys and gals.

5 out of 5 stars
BG144940572 on 05 October 2021

This is my first experience with using/installing my own transmitter and receiver I thought this unit was very nice. I am sure the more expensive units are nicer and probably even perform better, but this thing is not shabby. The build quality is a lot higher than I was expecting. Setup was pretty straight forward and easy, even for this being my first go. I got this from Kevin Talbot recommendation, what's his videos he loves them

5 out of 5 stars
Buddy on 23 March 2021

This Dumborc X6 6 channel transmitter and receiver combo was on Kev's top list of cheap transmitters... and there's a good reason why. This thing has amazing speed, honestly it's on par with transmitters that are 10 times the price. Not to mention it's mind blowing range, I've had it over 500 m and it was still working. Add the fact that it's dirt cheap, shipped to your door fast, and seems to be of high quality, and it's a no brainier that it's an excellent buy. Honestly, the only two negatives about this transmitter is that... 1. Unfortunately, it doesn't have model memory. 2. The steering wheel is not foam grip. No big issues though because the settings are easy to set and that foam grip is about $1 so that said, I give it a 10/10, would, without doubt, 100%, recommend!

5 out of 5 stars
justinsrcspares on 23 February 2021

This is the 6th one I've bought from Banggood and I have to say, yet again the product and service were top notch. The controller arrived quickly, the item was quite cheap. The controller itself always works brilliantly. Fast response rate, excellent range and it feels decent in the hand as well. I will definitely be buying more when the need arises.

5 out of 5 stars
Tom on 01 December 2020

Reliable delivery! The remote control system is the total hammer! I am really excited! The ergonomics are also top class. Pressed the button on the receiver 3 times and the gyro is activated! Everything is super simple and understandable! I can really recommend this system to anyone! According to internet research the range is supposed to be gigantic - but I haven't tested that yet. ----- - use Reliable delivery! The remote control system is a total hammer! I am really excited! The ergonomics are also top notch. Press the button on the receiver 3 times and the gyro is activated! Everything is super simple and understandable! I can really recommend this system to everyone! According to internet research, the range should be gigantic-but I haven't tested it yet.

5 out of 5 stars
BG404854112 on 21 November 2020

This is the BEST transmitter and receiver you can get for the money. A Gyro system that matches TRAXXAS TSM, ARRMA AVC ECT. Feels perfect in your hand and has a MASSIVE range of 500 meters+ and to top it off,,,,,, it's got lightning fast response and a seriously plush trigger. When you take into account the cost of TRAXXAS TSM or ARRMA AVC transmitters and receivers,,,,,,,, this is the best value kit on the market 100%. It's made a huge difference to my ARRMA TYPHON 3S. I can't give this system a higher praise. It's EPIC.

5 out of 5 stars
Beamie on 06 October 2020

What can I say? it's a X6 Transmitter. I got it for the range it has. This is my second one, but one of them might become a present for someone since you can setup multiple vehicles on it. You just can't save any settings for them on this transmitter. 😔 Maybe their next one will have all the "Bells and Whistles." The box it came in is different 🤔 and I wish it came with the a handle on it like the 1st one I bought. That's just a minor "pet peeve" I have with nuisances things. 😁 Don't mind me. Get it because you'll just L❤VE the range it'll give you.

5 out of 5 stars
Jooonz on 02 June 2020

Good remote...tested range 560meters...gyro works I can full throttle my arrma senton 3s blx and know that it will remain in a straight line. THANKS BANGGOOD

5 out of 5 stars
derwoodsgoods on 21 February 2020

You can not find a better controller for the price. This is amazing and should be bought even if you don’t need it. Amazing signal strength. Zero lag (milliseconds bro) Built in gyro. crazy. Fits well in the hand and the blue accents are sexy. Eat your heart out Tracks-azz.

5 out of 5 stars
Adrian202BG on 30 April 2019

- 6 channels - 4 AUX channels (two potentiometers, push button and 3 position switch) - CAN CONTROL WINCH !! (with 3 position switch or potentiometer - Build in receiver gyroscope !! (will make car go straight on rocky road or where wheels would slip to sides) - 6 channel can control servo or sensitivity of gyroscope - BUILD IN V-MIXER !!!!!!! you can control two ESC like in tank or excavator !! - Neck strap holes (something new in pistol radios) - Simulator port and USB port to power radio with 5v - And most important price !!!!!!!!!!!!