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[EU Direct] BURCHDA RX80 1000W 48V 17.5AH 26*4.0inch Oil Brake Electric Bicycle 60-70KM Mileage 180KG Payload Snowfield Electric Bike

Last updated: 20 September 2023
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Color: Grey
Ship From: CZ
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Questions and Answers

How to find extra promo code to apply?

by Mike, on 31 August 2023

You can find active €1240 promo code at Promotion Page:

by Marie, on 31 August 2023

The bike has a 48V 18Ah Single Battery. What kind of battery is it? Some of the bikes have been advertised with 18Ah batteries but in reality there has been a 17.5 Ah battery included. What this the case with this model?

by BG382311912, on 27 July 2023

48V 18Ah Lithium Battery

by Luke, on 28 July 2023

does it have Assist Mode Mileage?

by BG113755181, on 09 June 2023


by Apogee mxkmxk1, on 12 June 2023

Do I need a license for the Ebike Rx80

by BG452534705, on 06 June 2023

You can contact customer service for CE certification, but no ABE certification.

by Marslon, on 09 June 2023

please provide EU COC documents for burchda rx50 <br/>VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) 284722206900279 (=framenumber)

by vincbinary, on 20 March 2023

Please get the CE certification from product details.

by Aaron, on 22 March 2023

I'd like to know when I get the bike I've already paid for it

by BG165422361, on 13 February 2023

Dear customer, this BURCHDA RX80 E-Bike would be shipped at the end of this month.

by Tapinosis, on 15 February 2023
5 out of 5 stars
BG182412235 on 08 June 2023

THE TOP OF THE TOP, arrived in 4 days, super well packed, no claws, no hits and the bike is fantastic!!! I did not expect this quality of product, the frame is fantastic, the tires are great (super grip), the range is great, it is super comfortable... Honestly nothing to say!!!! I just sent an email to customer service to get the European Coc in the event I should insure it for the city, I hope they can send it to me! Apart from that don't hesitate this bike is a killer :-)

5 out of 5 stars
BG452534705 on 01 June 2023

The ebike is too fast Weill in description stand that the speed is up to 25km/h hour and that is other the bike is highest speed 45 km/h and that is too fast Weill I have no driving license for that I need to buy a driving license and insurance otherwise the bike is perfect pity the license needs and the in radweg is not allowed to drive

5 out of 5 stars
Toofen on 30 May 2023

This is just a short more of an first inpressions/unboxing review. I havn´t had the time to really take it for a longer ride yet. The shipping was resonably quick about a week up to Finland. It came with UPS and was trackable all the way. It came packed in a sturdy box and had a lot of padding so it came to me in perfect shape. The assembly was quite straight-forward, but the instructions were not really that clear on all stages so prior experience in bike building is prefered. But on the other hand it is not at all a difficult bike to assemble. I had a small hickup with the top-bracket beeing the wrong way on and i almost assembled the front fork the wrong way but that was a quick fix. Overall the quality is really good! It really feels like a more expensive bike. The paint is perfect without imperfections. Everything is straight and adjusted perfectly. The brakes dont squeak, the gears engage perfectly and there are no rattles or other stange sounds. The motor is really powerful and i mean REALLY powerful. With the highest power settings it really accelerates quick. Just be prepared that it is a big bulky heavy bike, its no small bike. So without powerassist i think it would be a hard bike to pedal. The only small downsides that i have found so far is that it didn't have any speedlimit set from the factory (at least here in FIN you can go max 25kmh and this easyly goes beyond that. And on that note there were not any instructions for the display so without that you really have hard time of setting that up. But luckilly i found them online and with a quick read of that it was quite easy. I will provibe the link here: