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BlitzWolf Gaming Chairs

BlitzWolf® BW-GC1 Gaming Chair Ergonomic Design 150°Reclining Detachable Pillows Footrest Integrated Armrest Home Office

Last updated: 28 May 2023
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Color: Blue
Ship From: CN
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Questions and Answers

Is possible build the chair without arm rest?

by BG189037934, on 09 February 2021

Yes,it is possible!

by BG381340144, on 20 March 2021

Are the armrests adjustable? e.g can I move the armrests up and down to fit under a desk?

by BG134743210, on 22 August 2020

armrests are adjustableare for back and front not for up and down

by Focus7, on 24 August 2020
4 out of 5 stars
Alessandro28 on 06 August 2021

In the assembly phase, the screws to fix the arms made me a bit damned because they were struggling to get into the holes. Overall, the chair is comfortable and has no defects in materials, it is worth the 92€ spent and is a good purchase, so I recommend it. Small inconvenience during transport, i.e. I was informed that the parcel was re-packed due to damage, however the goods arrived in one piece and without any imperfection. PS: on delivery the package is a bit uncomfortable to carry because of the weight and shape, I recommend to be in 2 people or to create 2 handles by piercing the cardboard.

5 out of 5 stars
BG504410142 on 29 April 2021

It arrived very fast after 8 days and was delivered but the packaging came something bad possibly by the carriers and when I went to open I checked that it has a small tear in the leather on the seat otherwise it seems to be of good quality and comfortable and very easy to assemble, I just don't give 5 stars because of the small tear. I advise that in the future the merchandise should come inside padded plastics and the box come with sturdy ribbons on the outside to better protect the merchandise.

5 out of 5 stars
BG121245419 on 14 April 2021

Arrived SO QUICKLY! I've got a tall torso and i'm 170cm so this ends up being the perfect height for me. The arm rest is probably one of the best features as it moves when you recline unlike some chairs. With that being said, reclining up and down isn't as smooth as I would like and kinda make a squeak against the leather but this isn't a huge issue- the recliner works! that's all that matters! The box the chair came in was damaged but nothing was damaged internally. So far I'm loving the ergonomics of it, too soon to say if it really works but The lower back pillow works wonders! Not extremely happy with the head pillow as you can't really adjust it and kind of falls if you want to make it higher, but it rests nicely when I'm reclined ,and rests relatively nicely when at 90 degrees. Colour is great! hope it doesn't get too dirty too quickly, the foot rest is an extra bonus!

5 out of 5 stars
GEORGIOS on 04 April 2021

Came in a quite bulky box, nicly packed. I made it throu assembly in 15 minutes with two kids all over and the chair. Everything inqluded, even the allen key. Very happy with the item,really sad I didn't go for two.... In the prive i took it (98euro) was just a bargain. Very sturdy, very nice feel. Now for the long run I really can't tell, I just bought it. In the last photo I sat in the chair because my main issue was the neck support, so make your choises (I am 1.83m)

5 out of 5 stars
Memoskpo on 28 December 2020

The chair is very good, although some minor details... All right. DHL treats her like garbage... The box arrived with holes, damaged, crushed and nearly opened in its entirety. Banggod is not far behind either... He had to arrive on the 22nd for Christmas and arrived on the 28th.... The only solution I was offered was to give me points for an upcoming purchase.... To my son at christmas i said... Congratulations, Santa brought you points in Banggod.... A load of customer service. Otherwise... The chair. I recommend it. I really liked

5 out of 5 stars
BoldieCoos on 13 August 2020

This chair has nice features like backrest angle adjustment and height (somewhat fixed). Also, the lift height setting is ok. Feels a bit wobbly (in all directions) lacking seat stability, but within fair limits. The only criticism is clearly the width. This chair has obviously been designed for Asian like body sizes, using maximum of 34cm for the seat- and 32cm for the back- area, which gives a very tight feeling without any space to move -- see the photos with the measurement display. All in all a fair seat for the price of a bit more than Eur 81 , but maybe the designers can take the European (and North American for that matter also) style sizes in consideration, before selling this in non-Asian countries.

5 out of 5 stars
ThisIsProject on 11 August 2020

I am very very happy to buy this gaming chair, thank you banggood!!! The value for money (if bought at todays 81,11 € with free shipping from CZ) is incredible! The quality meets one' s requirements in respect with the price, of course it does not meet the initial price of 336,28 €. The chair seems to be very steady, expect for the arms, that needed to have two more screws, one more at each section of the chair (seat and back). The appearance is almost similar to expensive gaming chairs, expect for some disorders in sewing ends and the back bracket that connects the back with the seat, which is ugly if the chair is to be seen from the backside. Also, it is very easy to assemble, it took me almost 15 minutes. At the end, the delivery was fast. Overall, it was a great buy!!!

5 out of 5 stars
MiguelFF on 20 July 2020

Apparently of good quality.. Very good price/quality for first impressions. Now it remains to be seen whether you don't spoil in a hurry and whether the quality is worth the price.. All right, except the package that was torn and a wheel's foot crossed off, but otherwise everything's okay. From what I see, it's worth the money, 👌👍👍

5 out of 5 stars
sirvulka on 23 June 2020

Chair arrived as per site directions. Great packaging. Really fast and simple assembly, very clear instructions. The materials are excellent and well finished. I am 1.80mt high and weight 105kg, perhaps the seat could be slightly wider and raising the chair as height the pin that supports it dances a little bit but nothing important. the cushions are very comfortable although like all chairs of this type, in summer are not very fresh. The only note out of tune is that the leg support is a bit short and it doesn't give me the idea of being so sturdy, but I didn't buy it to lie on it. Surely taken at the pre-order price is excellent as raporto quality price, especially when compared with other chairs of the same price. Note: I am not a gamer, I use the chair to work on the computer. I hope the description will help you with your purchase.

5 out of 5 stars
Peter on 19 June 2020

the chair arrived on time. the design is ok but I don't mind the narrow seat. it is so at 80-90 kg.