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Bakeey VP2 Mini Projector Wired Mirroring Handheld Projection 320P 150 ANSI Lux Portable Cinema EU Plug

Last updated: 27 April 2024
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Questions and Answers

promo code pls, thnx

by Witcher, on 01 August 2023

When I insert my USB stick it says USB disk A disconnect!. How do I get a USB stick to work?

by McDickly, on 20 May 2023

it's probably a problem with the usb stick not being recognized. I have tried 3 different ones and all of them recognized regularly. Maybe you could try formatting it in fat32.

by Skutty, on 04 June 2023

what's the picture quality like on one of these just thinking of buying 1 for emulation on my mobile it would be greatly appreciated if someone could upload a picture of it working thanks

by david17031977, on 01 May 2023

Miss and tell me

by BG161352222, on 20 June 2023

Is their an alternative for the Drongscreen App, as it crashes on every phone I tried to use? So no screen mirroing possible at the moment,

by BG014525711, on 10 March 2023

I have the same issue, how can I fix it?

by sniky, on 13 May 2024
5 out of 5 stars
BG161223546 on 08 March 2024

I confess that at first I had difficulties to be able to mirror but consulting YouTube I found the solution and I say without a shadow of a doubt that I am very satisfied

5 out of 5 stars
BG121241228 on 02 December 2023

Low picture quality and audio output.. Instead of this go for some more higher lumens projector.. Don't waste money.. I am not complaining about brand but suggesting to purchase higher lumens projectore.. don't feel sad after buying because it's of no use at all..I kept this projector aside. Not getting any interest to watch movies on this projector because of pixel and not clear

5 out of 5 stars
JoGeo on 30 October 2023

The product arrived in a glossy carton box which provided good protection during shipment. The unit was neatly packed in a styrofoam block with a 22-page manual, IR remote control including battery, and micro USB cable. Although the physical buttons on top side feel cheap, they work well. All ports are solid and well-made. There's even a lever for adjusting the focus. Casing is made of ABS material which is decent. The device powers on (via a USB charger) and boots into main menu in just 2 seconds. Menu is simple, features five settings (for picture) and multilingual support (11). There's also a software (firmware) update and a factory setting (reset). The built-in 3W speaker has poor audio quality with no bass which can be resolved by plugging into the headphone (stereo) jack a decent set of speakers. The image's brightness, color and contrast are quite good. But the resolution quality is bad and all images look pixelated. Given the very low pricing, the projector has acceptable outperformance in small throw distances. The device's processor cannot handle 4K videos. Maximum supported resolution is 1920 x 1080 at 60fps. I didn't notice freezing nor dropped frame issues during my tests. It plays large files but doesn't support external subtitles. Picture is quite blurry and difficult to look at the screening size of 65". However, I was pleasantly surprised by the viewing angles. The projector's fan doesn't get loud even under its max power consumption (9.7W). I'm using it for home movie use and trips, it's not the best nor the worst for the price. I've uploaded a thorough testing video of the Mini Projector on my YouTube channel JoGeo Techlab.

5 out of 5 stars
remes26 on 16 October 2023

All right!

5 out of 5 stars
BG382117112 on 27 September 2023

very good projector in this price

5 out of 5 stars
Flavio Pontes on 28 June 2023

Good, simple, but works well

5 out of 5 stars
banyoung on 27 June 2023

good good good

5 out of 5 stars
Martin AaRon Simon on 18 June 2023

horrible sound image for this price I can't scan qr code for sharing

5 out of 5 stars
PBallas on 09 May 2023

well. what i can say. is good enough from 60cm distance and From 4meters anything between i wouldn't suggest. why you may ask and am givining the answer. the resolution is very low. its ok for cartoons but for movie isn't

5 out of 5 stars
BG223839239 on 05 April 2023

for the value is great. it doesn't have great resolution but it can be fun

4 out of 5 stars
Thunter on 26 March 2023

A termék dobozán csomagolás előtti sérülés, a termék megúszta. A termékről: egy FAT32-re formázott pendrive-ra feltolod az összes 'Tom&Jerry'-t, ha van egy szabványos csavarral rendelkező állványod, (tripod...stb.) felteszed és elsőtétítesz, keresel egy fehér sima felületet és nonstop mehet a gyerekpásztor. mp4-et (netről letöltött), avi-t próbáltam vitte gond nélkül, javasolt egy töltőfejről és nem powerbankról üzemeltetni. (szétesett a kép). 4 üzemmódja van, videó, képek, e-book (ami csak txt) és zene (mp3) ez utóbbi 2 csak vészhelyzetben. Hang: hát nem egy átlagos minőség, csak szól. A fülhallgató aljzat (3,5mm jack) inkább headset aljzat, ha régit dugsz be akkor ne teljesen, mert egyoldalas lesz. Telefon tükrözés. Egész estés program. Rámegy az egész első estéd, mire beállítod. A QR-kód a Drongscreen nevű programhoz vezet. Ha nem sikerülne a scan (vagy nem bízol benne), akkor a oldalán megtalálod 2022.10 hó frissítéssel. Google Protect átnézte, nem találta veszélyesnek. Csak én fapadosnak. 2kY korabeli design. Hangot a telefonodról kapsz, a felbontás beállítása...hát nem vettem észre a különbséget. Csatlakoztatva folyton kilépett a program, lefagyott a képernyő, mikor próbáltam bármit is beállítani. (Redmi Note 8). Használhatósága ugyanaz mint a pendrive-val. Egyszer beállítod aztán hadd szóljon. Ne nagyon akarj varázsolni vele. Akcióban v. kuponnal 10e,- HUF körül megéri.

5 out of 5 stars
BG433654892 on 02 March 2023

is a simple projector but well built,I dropped mine on the floor and did not break,do not expect a HD resolution,but mirrors well the cell phone without giving bug in the image,a good thing,da to see content anywhere at night, with internet on cell phone and a powerful Power bank, you can use even in places without electricity, the control is not the best, but for the price I paid was worth every penny, I'm satisfied.