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Astrolux 18650 Flashlights

Astrolux FT03 SST40-W 2400lm 875m NarsilM v1.3 USB-C Rechargeable Flashlight + 1Pcs HLY 26650 5000mAh 3.7V 3C Power Battery

Last updated: 13 January 2024
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Design: Neutral White 5000K
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Questions and Answers

how long it can run on turbo mode continuously (untill auto step down kicks in)??

by kl35sreekanth, on 01 June 2020

i use SAMSUNG 40T 21700 on my place and weather condition i got 4 min+ before stepdown

by MrBennard, on 13 September 2021

Which one is the best choice?? Is it cool light 6700k or Natural light 5000k or Natural light 5700k???

by Daniel, on 07 March 2020

For throwers if there's any fog, rain, snow etc in the air the 5000k cuts through better. Less reflection back (glare) from particles in the air. On a clear night the higher k will outperform lower k.

by BG155636189, on 02 December 2021
5 out of 5 stars
edermester on 12 December 2021

It is an extremely powerful flashlight. It is very joyful to walk with dog at night because I see everything.

5 out of 5 stars
Ari Neo on 20 August 2021

elegant design performance is very emailed The best, hopefully later I can try another astrolux

5 out of 5 stars
BG113310533 on 19 August 2021

very good

5 out of 5 stars
marekzatko on 25 March 2021

delivery ok thank you super battery recommend

5 out of 5 stars
Pal on 15 January 2021

I've already had an FT03, I ordered this one for others. Everybody was impressed by the throwing capability of this compact monster. I cannot even count anymore the FT03 lights what I ordered (10+). So many flashlight lovers cannot be wrong. :) Sometimes I ordered with HLY battery, sometimes without it. Both versions are well worth the money.

5 out of 5 stars
Nickstam on 05 January 2021

It's the perfect thrower for the money you give, especially when you find it in an offer at about 30€ with the battery included!!! The battery is enough for this led (SST40) but not for other version (XHP50.2). It steps down from turbo in about 4 minutes and you get more than an hour in high. It has a very tight beamshot and you need more than 150-200 meters to realize it's power.

5 out of 5 stars
Aries13 on 28 September 2020

I am very happy with this purchase. It's my first Astrolux, and I am pleased with the quality aspect of it. Nice springs and o rings and the battery was as described a nice 26650 with 5000 Mah rating. I fiddled round with the NarsilM v1.5 U.I., but decided that the factory defaults in the ramping mode were more suited to who I will be using this unit with. The 12 different modes really don't give you any benefit over the ramping feature, and you can still have 5 different strobes and have it shut off at a certain temperature too in ramp mode. ( wrap in a towel to hasten the process ) It has a beautiful reflector, and the Luminus SST 40 -W is a hell of a led! The beam is amazing! I will be buying another one soon. The box it came in is excellent! It could go over niagara falls and be fine! :o) It doesn't come with a "C" charge cable, but I found one in another flashlight kit. The switch acts as a charging indicator. A very well made flashlight that performs excellently! You can see amazingly well in firefly mode just because of the reflector! This competes with flashlights 4 times the price. The strobes are really cool too! #1. 16 hertz flash, #2. Police strobe (dual frequency ) #3.Biking light: Low light with high visual "stutter" #4. A 2 second Beacon #5. A 10 second Beacon! I set the temp to quite high before it "steps down", and you have 7 different levels of Moonbeam mode too! It has a "lockout" function too, and you can even select whether you want the light in the switch to come on, and you can also set the flashlight to flash-out the remaining battery voltage too! ( which the switch does as well ). The switch also glows green above 60% charge, & orange below 60% & Red below 15% charge. "AWESOME LITTLE THROWER"!! I chose the 6500K version for extreme distance. The spot is a perfect fireball! Not a pants pocket light, but a great jacket pocket light!

5 out of 5 stars
mpoplo on 02 April 2020

A very good flashlight for the money. The battery is protected during transport with capon foil. Very good light range. The flashlight fits in your jacket pocket.

5 out of 5 stars
foudou80 on 24 January 2020

Outstanding performance, with included battery. Pretty good build quality.

5 out of 5 stars
LSK15 on 19 October 2019

Very good flashlight, better to buy with rechargeable battery. In India 26650 battery is not available easily for buy. Got for INR 2600 in promo sale. When i ordered it was showing processing for 20 days after that it was on backorder. When you order check the processing time, it took 12 days from the dispatch for delivery to India.