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Astrolux Headlights

Astrolux® BL03 XPG LED 1200LM Bike Headlight Support Wire Remote Switch 6000mAh High Capacity Power Bank Dual Distance Beam Bike Light USB Rechargeable LED Bicycle Handlebar Flashlight for Electric Bike Electric Scooter

Last updated: 04 December 2023
4,91 309 reviews
🛒 24,78$ from Banggood 🛒
Design For Outdoor: Without Remote Switch
Ship From: CN [CN, US]
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Questions and Answers

My BL03 has a faulty contact, how can I open to fix it ? I don't see any away to disassemble it.

by Masure, on 14 September 2022

You can check my disassembly quide on ifixit. Banggood will treat you like shit if the light brakes. They say it has only 3-6 months of warranty and totally avoid responsibility.

by donder87, on 29 July 2023

My light arrived but was missing the gopro style mounting piece. Is there any way to get one separately?

by BG101012348, on 07 May 2022

I did lost the light mout and didn't find anyware to buy.

by Dinispt, on 25 May 2023

Hey there, does anyone know if the 6000mAh and the 1200 lumens are realistic?

by smashii, on 28 October 2021

You can get a real review with lumen specs at

by BG199123322, on 28 December 2021
5 out of 5 stars
BG103633211 on 11 June 2023

Build qualitiy is good, lamp is fixed well (my last one vibrated a lot when driving one cobblestone), it's easy to dismount. One little issue: You cant twist the lamp to left or right, it's directed straight forward only. So check your mounting position before buying. Light is fine. I prefer the wide angle beam which really makes a difference because you see the surroundings better. But you can switch to the narrow cone beam too. I don't understand why both lights have different color (warm and cold white) - neutral white for all would have been better. And why can't I turn on both lights at the same time? Pressing the buttons selects brightness (Hi, Med, Low) or blinking (slow, fast) or OFF. The lamp can also be turnes off by pressign the button for > 3sec. Buttons not to easy to press and thereby protected against random pressing. That's good - my old lamp was easiliy turned on accidentaly when carrying it in my pocket. The percentage display is convenient because you know better when to charge the lamp than with simple leds

5 out of 5 stars
marcelomajam on 28 February 2023

pretty, very strong and good size

5 out of 5 stars
rominho22 on 30 June 2022

ok satisfaction, quality light on the bike

5 out of 5 stars
Zipi on 20 December 2021

Robust flashlight and quality in construction and finishes. Loading by Type C

5 out of 5 stars
BG494221614 on 17 December 2021

Ordered 26.11, got to PL on 16.12. Delivery within 3 weeks so it's ok. I have tested the light and compare it to other light which you can buy here on BG as a Xanes XL29 light ( for a little bit more than Astrolux BL09. I bought Xanes on AX platform which is branded as Newboler and should have from description 1500 lumens (on AX was said 2400 lumens! ) but test is a test. Astrolux BL03 tested on high long range beam, short range beam and low,medium, high both long and short range beam, Xanes/Newboler tested on high and low (there are only 3 options, third one is blink). So don't bother buy other light than this. If you were comparing a lot of the lights like my and was wondering which will suits you I recommend buy this one! It gives you enough light on medium, both long and short beam in complete darkness (I will you mine in dark forest, no lights to ride MTB trails). Also temperature of the light is more warm than the Xanes/Newboler which gives you more vision and you can simply see more! I recommend it to everyone whos looking for a good bike light for a decent price. Quality is also ok. Pictures taken by Huawei P20 Pro on a pro option. I stood still in one place and swaped lights. It's not a profesional test but can give answers for you questions. I'm really impressed!

5 out of 5 stars
Mirza9620 on 15 December 2021

Very satisfied with the product. Arrived in about 36 days, packed good and without any damage. Durable, good quality, waterproof, strong long-lasting battery, strong built-in LEDs and a good choice of lightning options. I wish the holder/bracket was slightly better quality, but hey, Astrolux, if you're reading this, you can make it better in the next version. All in all, I can without a doubt recommend this bike light.

5 out of 5 stars
BG854171050 on 12 December 2021

Pros: - Quality both light and handlegrip - Powerful LEDs - Powerful battery - Beam profile(s) are very useful for biking Cons: - Blinky-mode has too long pause between blinks; I think it is actually not safe enough in traffic where half a second could matter a lot in 30+ mph / 50+kmh - SOS-mode is useless and annoying Other: - I wish it was possible to flash the firmware to get rid of SOS and put high speed blinky-mode on here - this would extendt the battery life and be optimal for beeing spotted in traffic - I did not include photos of the light on, I found it hard to get a representative photo; but I am very happy with it

5 out of 5 stars
BG173542843 on 30 November 2021

The light is so great. It took me 10 days to get here, which I was glad to hear. No damage. The first test was on the balcony, it's got a pretty convincing light. Diffused light on the two extreme led lights, drawing a slight yellowish, oval image. This could come in handy if I turn the wheel. The spotlight looks more powerful and has a whitish light, it shines higher, farther, a middle led. It is possible to operate both functions simultaneously, diffuse and spotlight lit. For both, but one by one after switching on, very bright light, then weaker and even weaker at the touch of a button (saving). Slow blinking at another pressure, another pressure on the button and fast blinking, then it can be turned off. Quick to mount with the handcuffs. The lamp holder looks weak, so you have to be careful. I think it was worth the price. I got a good lamp. The battery looks good too, and it will be revealed when used. It can be charged with USB-C, with a separate charger. USB-A is also on the back, it can be used as a powerbank. Super product, good material quality too. It better be!

5 out of 5 stars
smashii on 11 November 2021

Bright luminaire with two different modes, low beam and high beam. With 3 brightness levels each and flashing and SOS function. In addition, by a double click, low beam and high beam can be activated simultaneously, for even MORE light! 😎 The LEDs not only produce neat light, but also a good portion of heat.

5 out of 5 stars
CamellBuyer on 05 November 2021

Very good light. Body is durable and lighting is really good better than on photo 🙂 Only one bad think is light not working when they are charged. Other everything is good.

5 out of 5 stars
Flashaholic on 28 October 2021

Great bike light for the money! here is my in depth youtube review -